Nukak was founded in Barcelona in 2016 by Patricio Abreu, designer and founder of the brand. It combines creativity, innovation and the use of upclycled materials as central pillars.

It is a return to his origins, the beginning of his journey and what his parents passed on to him: from his mother, he learned to use the thread and needle; and from his father, the pleasure of working with his hands.

Knowledge that has accompanied him throughout his career and has helped him develop sustainable, practical and long-lasting products.



Mali Clutch

The brand’s name and philosophy are inspired by the Nukak Maku, the last nomadic tribe of the Colombian jungle, who base their economy on the reuse of disused materials.

Nukak are committed to constant research and development, searching for treasures among waste, and giving a second chance to those materials that, due to their unique qualities and characteristics, deserve to be reinvented.


Baobab Handbag


Arce Backpack

Nukak is proud to extend the lifecycle of materials that have already fulfilled their primary mission, such as tyre chambers – especially bicycle and truck tyres – kitesurfing sails and advertising banners, which combined with vegetable tanned leather and waterproof materials are transformed into bags and backpacks.

Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, with inimitable graphic qualities.



Teide Backpack – Available in black and garnet

All of Nukak’s products are hand-made in Spain using an artesanal process which boosta local production. The manufacturing process or the «resurrection» of materials begins when raw materials arrive at the warehouse, dirty and wrinkled.

After a selection process where the pieces are classified according to both their quality and visual characteristics, the selected fragments are cleaned and prepared for manufacturing.

The result: high quality and durable products that will accompany their owners from their daily activities to their greatest adventures.



Elbrus Backpack

In addition to its clear environmental commitment, Nukak also has a strong social responsibility.

For the manufacturing process, they collaborate with CIRE (Centre for Reinsertion Initiatives) workshops at La Modelo prison in Barcelona, and with expert artisans from small local workshops. Products sewn with a lot of love, that will be part of your life for many years.


Backpack Innertube

If you fancied any of the model, we invite you to discover more by visiting  Nukak’s full catalogue on Ekohunters.