Menstrual hygiene products

Organicup is a Danish company founded in 2012 with the aim of improving menstrual health on a personal, cultural and global scale.

They fight for a world where menstrual hygiene products do not harm women’s bodies and do not pollute the planet, for a world where menstruation is not taboo and where everyone has access to a healthy and respectful menstrual solution.


They sell menstrual cups made out of medical silicone that come in a small organic cotton reusable bag for easy carrying.

These menstrual cups are vegan, hypoallergenic and do not contain any chemicals or harmful elements that could alter the vaginal pH or damage the planet.



The company, always with women in mind, actively works to make women feel comfortable while on their period.

In their website you can find everything from explanatory videos about the product and how to use it, to additional accessories such as OrganiWipes, vegan, perfume-free allergy-certified wipes made from organic cotton, for cleaning the cup on occasions without access to clean water and for sanitizing it between periods.


Organicup has been awarded “product of the year” by the Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2016 and by Årets Hudpleje 2016.

Check out their website.