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An independent studio based in Cantabria (Spain), Picollen was founded by Juan Gutierrez, product designer and aspiring carpenter; and Pablo Greppi, communications expert.

After meeting in London, their common interest in traditional craftsmanship and its new interpretations through the use of new technologies lead them to starting their own brand.

Picollen carefully crafts aesthetically honest 3d printed sustainable objects for the home. From their workshop, they design, develop, and manufacture beautiful and practical items that will fit your lifestyle and values.

With a responsible production system based in sustainable principles, they specialize in 3D printing technology using biodegrade, non-polluting BIO plastics.

Their goal is to generate the minimal amount of waste in their manufacturing process and to create durable products with a long aesthetic life cycle.

Following their aim to create products that are environmentally conscious they manufacture independently in small batches, which allows them to make things with extra care and a great attention to detail.

The result is products that embrace the quality of traditional craft making, but with an eye on what’s to come and state of the art technologies.

You can now find their 3D printed products on Ekohunters!

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