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Precious Plastic was founded in Oct, 2013 by Dave Hakkens and it has since been providing open source machines, tools, knowledge and infrastructure to transform plastic waste into valuable products. Free and for everyone.


Shredder Machine.


Extrusion Machine


Injection Machine


Compression Machine

Now Precious Plastic is launching version 3.0 hoping to rapidly increase their worldwide adoption and the number of people using their technologies to recycle plastic waste, creating small local economies around products created from plastic waste.

Version 3.0 includes brand new features such as video tutorials, a custom map of the Precious Plastic network of people, the Bazar (online marketplace for Precious Plastic products) and the Recycling Container: blueprints and tutorials how to replicate the 40ft container workspace so all you need to start recycling is a 380v plug and a bit of land.


Precious Plastic Recycling Workspace

At Precious Plastic they have a clear goal: to fight plastic pollution by boosting plastic recycling worldwide, with free technologies and knowledge readily available for anyone who is up to the challenge.

Their machines and workspaces are specifically designed and developed using universal materials and basic tools that are available all over the world, and their modular design allows users to adapt the machines to their specific contexts.


From plastic to plastic. Easy!

precious-plasticsRecycled plastic can be used for anything from small household and decorative objects, to art, jewelry and construction materials.

Blueprints, detailed instruction videos and download-kits are shared open source online for free, offering all the basic information people need to build their own machines and start a micro plastic factory, anywhere in the world.

Entrepreneurs across the world can set up small scale productions to create valuable things, beautiful products and new raw material, cleaning up their neighborhood and starting their own business, creating new financial value from an ubiquitous free resource, plastic waste.


Final products made from 100% recycled plastic

For more information about the company and how to get involved visit their website and twitter.