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The Pyrene summer colonies develop their activity for the most young people during the summer period under criteria of responsibility and commitment to sustainability.

Today we spoke with your managers to learn more about your colony and their interesting activities for our children:


What makes PYRENE SUMMER COLONIES an activity sustainable?

We strive for the integration of the participants in nature and equipment. We look at the mountains around us, the wind blows us the peaks, and we cool off in their lakes. Our purpose is to live in first person the mountains, discovering them as we make new friends.

And this respectful look is also transferred to the camp: the showers with solar panels, the tents, bunks and platforms appear for the colonies and then disappear without a trace.

The food is of proximity and, as far as possible, with eco (oil, meat, rice, cereals…).

And the equipment we use is public, which has no use during the June and July, very happy to give life to existing structures and to avoid new and expensive structures.

The activities are located in places of great natural interest, park natural, definitely high-value places. How do you tries to reduce the ecological footprint on the environment?

By the end of the summer, more than 500 people will have passed through the Pyrenean Summer Camps participants, so we can’t look away and not be mindful of our ecological footprint. And to reduce it we do it with the little things like choose biodegradable wrappers for the snacks or the big ones, when we do community service and plant 100 trees per week in deforested areas.


Based on these criteria of responsibility and commitment, is it instilling in young people these values of respect for environment and sustainability? are there specific activities aimed at these objectives?

Yes, as you rightly point out, the key is responsibility and commitment. Y we believe that these are attitudes that must be internalized at both the individual level as a collective. And while we are aware that the experiences live in the camps will last in our lives, we do not want to instill nobody nothing: we propose one way out of many possible ways, just like that.


For which ages is this camp recommended? Where is are the colonies located?

For children from 7 to 9 years old we offer the MINAIRONS camp. From 10 to 13 years old we have a lot of kids in the camp AVENTURA JUNIOR and 14 to 17 year olds, the most daring young people who do WILD ADVENTURE, 7×7 GRAND CROSSING, BIG BIKE and RIDING IMPROVEMENT.


What does the PYRENEES SUMMER COLONY offer? of activities? What are the dates of the colony?

We offer camps in the heart of the Pyrenees, sleeping at 1.900m, doing simple and intense activities to discover these eternal mountains, make new friends and learn about yourself.


How does affect the special conditions of pandemic to your camps?will the usual registration and operation be open? How sure are parents that the colony has all the necessary measures concerning minimum security conditions that are imposed?

Yes, registration is open. And the operation is the usual, although we we have adapted to new needs by increasing hygiene and by lowering the density of participants in the shops and canteens. For the activities we are in luck, since by doing them outdoors and not having contact, have not changed substantially.

And yes, parents can rest assured that we comply with recommendations and established regulations, although we are aware that the There is no such thing as zero risk, and we recommend that families, after camps their children have to live with the elders of the house value the situation responsibly.


For all activities carried out, is it provided in the What do you need to wear as a colony minimum house?

Yes, all the material is included except the bike and the helmet for the camps that have this activity. You will have to bring it from home or you can rent it at the colonies if you prefer.


Is registration open for participants from other countries? Do you communicate in more than one language, English example?

We’ve been organizing summer camps for twenty years, and in recent years young people from Britain, the United States, France have participated, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates… so the languages are Catalan, Spanish Spanish and English indiscriminately.

How can I contact the Colony if I need more information?

You can contact us at +34 659 642 794 and +34 606 088 183, at or through the web , you will talk to us Raül and Èlia, who are the camp directors.

One more summer Pyrene Camp offers its colonies for our children in a natural environment where they can develop a multitude of activities always in contact with nature and making friends at a camp where the value of respect for the environment and sustainable management in their day-to-day work.

We have no doubt that among the varied offer of camps and settlements this is a reference to be taken into account given its principles and values in in line with ecotourism criteria.