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Rural ecologic house Cal Pesolet


Cal Pesolet is an ecological rural house of the 18th century that the Cavaller family- Garcia runs. A rural lodging located in the heart of La Cerdaña, close to to the natural park of Cadí-Moixeró, where you can enjoy nature and all the activities that Cal Pesolet offers us. Ecotourism and sustainability in a idyllic spot and a rural lodging that lacks nothing.

We want to know more about this very desirable Ecotourism plan for these vacation


For those of us who aren’t Catalan, what does “Cal Pesolet” mean? Which is its story? When and how did the idea of opening an accommodation and dedicate yourselves to Ecotourism come about?

Where we live, the village houses have their own name, Cal Pesolet is the name of the house, and even ends up giving a name to the members of the family Cal or Can means house of, and Pesolet means small pea (-et), so it would be Casa (del) Guisantito.

Some friends in town call my kids Hola Pesolet! In the village of Nèfol there were other funny house names, for example, the neighbouring house is called Cal Cagarrina hehe…

We were 23 years old in the year 2000 and we went to dinner at the house of some friends, who had taken a vat to an abandoned village in the morning.

They told us that they had been in a town they had never seen before and that they didn’t even remember its name, that there was hardly any road to go up and that, nothing, that it was a place made for us, that a house was being sold.

We are from Barcelona, we were just finishing our studies at INEF… That’s how the story began, we saw the place, we rolled up our sleeves, we became neoruralysts and after 20 years we are still here, at the foot of these mountains.


What can we find at Cal Pesolet? What do the surroundings where it is located, La Cerdaña, offer us?

At Cal Pesolet you will find authenticity, being housed in a historical house, lovingly restored. You will also find calm and silence: we are 200 metres from the Cadí Moixeró Natural Park.

La Cerdanya offers you nature, culture and enormous possibilities for the practice of physical activity. The cultural treasure of the region are the more than 200 Romanesque churches that there are… in every little village, no matter how tiny.

You can’t surf here, well… snowboard in winter you can! From horseback riding, caving, mountain skiing to hiking… the options are incredible!


What is the accommodation regime of Cal Pesolet? Is it possible to rent rooms? Is it available all year round?

Yes, the whole house can be rented, it has 12 beds, can accommodate 2 long or 3 short families, and is available all year round.


Cal Pesolet defines itself as an “ecological rural house” that offers 100% sustainable” holiday. From the architectural point of view, What measures have been taken in the building to make this house sustainable housing?. As far as the activity of ecotourism, what makes Cal Pesolet a vacation home whose activity is framed as “100% sustainable?

Rehabilitating an abandoned house, well, not only the house but the whole village, is sustainable so it means recovering materials and structures in disuse. Everything that was possible was maintained: the roofs, the walls, the hayloft, many beams, are the original ones, from the 18th century. In the rehabilitation, the wood used is from the region, and the stones are those that had been forgotten.

We have paid special attention to improving the insulation of the house. Although the walls are more than 60 cm, we have insulated the walls facing north on the inside, and the roof was dismantled, put in air chamber and made again by placing the same tiles.

We also use renewable energy to heat the house: we have a biomass boiler and solar panels.


To support each and every one of the varied activities on offered, Cal Pesolet makes available to visitors a series of services. What are these services? Do they fall within the price of the accommodation?

These are optional services and have additional fees. We have a ski school and we are mountain guides, bicycles, etc … so we can help you discover the Cerdanya on foot, pedaling, galloping or on some skis.

If you want a special dinner or breakfast with local products, we will be happy to make it possible.


Given the extraordinary situation we are experiencing due to the Covid19, What kind of measures have been taken to ensure maximum well-being and enjoyment of the visitors? Is it necessary for guests to observe any special measures during their stay?

We follow the protocols marked by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the bedding is washed at high temperature in an approved industrial dry cleaner, and all surfaces are cleaned with the specified products. As we do not share spaces with others the risk here is nil.


We are already in the middle of summer, is it still possible to book a few days still to enjoy August at Cal Pesolet?

We’ve got the whole summer booked, sorry. From September if available. Reservations are made through our web or you can also find us in portals such as Airbnb or HomeAway. We are not in Booking since it commissions 20% and the conditions that it has are in our opinion abusive.


If you like natural surroundings where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of an ecological rural house and where you can carry out activities such as hiking, cycling, horse riding, or simply stay on the terrace reading a book after a swim in the pool, Cal Pesolet is your refuge.

Quality ecotourism in one of the best places to enjoy it; The
and the natural park of Cadí-Moixeró