Decorate in the best scandinavian style with Ekohunters furniture

Decorate in the best scandinavian style with Ekohunters furniture

As we mentioned in the article “Nordic style: What is it and how do I apply it in my home?“, the Scandinavian style (or Nordic style) was born at the beginning of the 20th century in the Nordic countries to combat the long, dark and cold winters. Scandinavian style interiors designs are characterized by 5 aspects: simplicity, functionality, use of wood, use of textiles and the use of a light color palette.

With these characteristics in mind, in this article we will show you some ideas to design the decor of the interior spaces of your home with sustainable scandinavian (or nordic) style furniture Ekohunters.

Simple lines that bring simplicity

If there is a type of product that is fundamental in the decor of a scandinavian style interior space, it is the lighting fixtures, so within this style, the design of these will never go unnoticed. Place a floor lamp Tripod, an individual armchair and a rug and you will get a scandinavian style reading space worthy of taking all eyes.

The floor lamp Tripod has a design of fine and clean lines, fundamental in the scandinavian decor style, bringing simplicity to the space with its presence. At the same time, like all our products, it is an environmentally friendly product, because it is made of organic materials such as alpine hay, natural jute and oak wood.

Decora al mejor estilo escandinavo (o nórdico) con muebles Ekohunters

A side table, two functions

If you want to design a space with scandinavian style decor, you must take into account the functionality of the furniture and objects that you incorporate in the design of that interior space. If these objects and furniture don’t serve a useful purpose, they can’t be part of a space with scandinavian (or nordic) style decor.

An example of this feature is the scandinavian style side table set Batea. The Batea S coffee and side table and the Batea L coffee and side table are furniture functional above all other attributes. These tables serve not one, but two functions: a support surface function and a storage function. In addition, they are made from recyclable and renewable materials, which, along with their other aesthetic attributes, makes them ideal for the design of any sustainable living room with scandinavian-style decor.

Decora al mejor estilo escandinavo (o nórdico) con muebles Ekohunters

A natural wood table that brings warmth

If we talk about warmth, wood in its most natural state is the material that best knows how to convey that feeling. It is not for nothing that it is the material that prevails in the decor of scandinavian style interiors designs. 

The Alpha desk table has the characteristic of being created from beautiful, natural and antique woods, being also, under our Eko quality seal, 100% sustainable. This desk table will fill your study or office with warmth and, together with its morphology of simple lines, it will integrate perfectly into the design of your scandinavian (or nordic) style interior space.

Decora al mejor estilo escandinavo (o nórdico) con muebles Ekohunters

The importance of textiles in a scandinavian room

As we have been mentioning, scandinavian style is characterized by denoting a sense of warmth and textiles are specialists in this. Textiles have the virtue of dressing up any interior space in your home making it cozy and warm.

Imagine the living room set in your home without textile details. Now imagine dressing up your living room sofa with our Sisteron plaid and our Sisteron cushion cover (in its light shades, like white color, typical of the scandinavian style) and see the difference. It will look much more comfortable, cozy and warm. 

Made with 100% vegetable and organic merino wool, this textile set not only guarantees you all of the above, but becomes an excellent piece for a sustainable and scandinavian (or nordic) style living room set.

Decorate in the best scandinavian style with Ekohunters furniture

The advantages of incorporating a carpet in your scandinavian room

Rugs in scandinavian style interiors design are essential, because as a textile product they bring warmth, but they can also be advantageous when it comes to intensifying the clarity of the space.

If you have a dark-toned floor in your home and you want to implement the scandinavian style in your interior design, placing a large rug in light tones (such as our white cotton rug) is a great idea that will help your environment look brighter, because light colors generate a bounce effect with light intensifying its clarity, thus counteracting the dark tone of the floor.

Decorate in the best scandinavian style with Ekohunters furniture

At Ekohunters, you will find all the mentioned products and more, to design the interior space of your home in a unique way in the best scandinavian (or nordic) style. At the same time, our products guarantee a conscious purchase. Our Eko quality seal will help you design a scandinavian style interior design, original and sustainable, creating spaces in your home that respect and care for the environment.