slow-nature-modular houses


Lluís Raich, the founder of Slow Nature, found his calling by chance in the distant Chilean Patagonia.

While studying at the University of Valparaiso on a scholarship, in an environment of stunning nature, he began to reflect on the close link between architecture, nature, and sustainability.

The contrast with Spain, where architecture has been used with the excuse to raze entire coastlines and plunge thousands of families into unpayable debts, motivated him to look for an alternative.


Family Suite C


Home Suite F

Back home, the architect joined forces with his partner Jorge Matas to carry out his project: a company specialized in sustainable wooden houses, designed for both individuals and companies (especially in the tourism sector) looking for a different product, a space to live in that is responsible with the environment where it is located.

And so Slow Nature was born, which has already been awarded the Rethinking the Future prize for its innovative concept of housing.


Mini Suite B


Nature Suite C

Its construction process, where the latest technologies and the most innovative materials are used, mixes craftsmanship and industry, thus reducing delivery times – starting from 3 months – while taking care of details and minimizing the ecological impact on the environment.

Slow Nature designs and produces prefabricated and transportable sustainable wood Suites with a minimal ecological impact, both in the manufacturing process and their integration with the environment, and ecological and efficient alternative to traditional housing.

The Suites are fully customizable, choosing from 6 types of modules (bedroom, bathroom, studio, lounge, and terrace) those that best adapt to the user’s needs and including the quality of finishes.

Slow Nature´s modular houses are not only the perfect home but the most sustainable and environmentally friendly¡¡

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