Lock is a Bulgarian company founded in 2014 specialized in interlocking systems and puzzle structures ( flat-pack furniture). This unique locking systeminvented by Konstantin Achkov, insures furniture firmness and durability still giving him the freedom of playing with forms transforming furniture to pieces of plastic arts.

The puzzle concept references to the modern gaming culture. Still giving the chance to accomplish the pieces offurniture by oneself meets our inborn instinct of creating our home: building a house and crafting its furniture. More over the customer becomes the final executor of the artist’s idea taking the role of a participant in the art process.

The main material used to produce their innovative furniture pieces is high quality calibrated beech plywood, which conbines firmness and light weight. Still its flat-pack design and the choice of the light plywood material addresses the modern call for ecological and effective transportation.

Produced ecoeficiently through CNC routing production, which reults on zero waste production. All their furniture pieces integrate art and funtionality, carrying the classic sense of warmth and comfort given by its natural materials: wood, stone or leather.

Deyan Georgiev

Konstantin Achkov is a sculptor who worked for many years with complex structures like “tensegrity” - three-dimensional structures that remain stable throught a combination of elements under tension and elements under compression -.

He is also known for his expertise in puzzle and interlocking systems. His Electron chair is a 2016 A’desingn winner.