Handmade products have a history like no other and each piece tells a different story: the story of craftsmanship, of their origin and the hands that worked on them. The finished product has a completely different feel to that of industrial production, no two products are the same and every single piece has its own special quality that makes it truly unique.

Lasfera works to create home accessories that are based on and inspired by regional crafting techniques, but are at the same time great pieces of modern design, including state of the art technology and a strong sustainable commitment.

The 6 Commandments of Lasfera

1. To contribute to conservation of natural resources. They design their products from the beginning as sustainable and resource-efficient as possible.

2. To make products that are durable in quality and style – because the most sustainable product is one that is not soon replaced.

3. To contribute to preserve and promote regional traditions. They follow traditional crafting techniques whenever possible, both German and global.

4. To offer products that have a real value and to find their fair price – based on their design and quality, but also on the story they tell.

5. To be authentic in their work and in their business. They believe in what they do and they stand with their name behind it, keeping their actions and processes as transparent as possible.

6. To work with commercial partners who share their values. They only work with companies that can credibly convey the worthiness of their products and the stories behind them – both online and offline.

Henri Garbers

Svenja and Henri Garbers, the names behind Lasfera, started off their careers with carpentry apprenticeships in Cologne and later travelled the world in search of design inspiration and new ways of thinking and working.

After stops in Florence, Milan, London, and Beijing and working with some of the biggest companies and corporations in the world, they started developing their own vision of what it was they wanted to do: Modern design with a twist of traditional crafting.