STROHBOID: Form follows nature

STROHBOID: Form follows nature

Founded in 2017 by architects Max Schade and Fritz Walter, STROHBOID designs, produces and distributes sustainable outdoor rooms (such as event tents and glamping accommodations). Already during their studies, the founding architects of STROHBOID, experimented with the gridshells format as a morphology for sustainable woodworking. However, when they graduated, they couldn’t find a company that met their aspirations for sustainability and design. That is why they decided to found STROHBOID.

In this opportunity, we bring you the story of STROHBOID. A company dedicated to sustainable construction that bets, like Ekohunters, to build a more sustainable and livable future for all.

STROHBOID’s mission and vision

For STROHBOID, sustainability isn’t just a label that a company must adhere to today, for those who make up this company, sustainability is the pillar of everything they do and the seed of their corporate vision.

As we have mentioned in other articles in our Sustainable Architecture section in our EkoBlog, the construction sector is responsible for 40% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. So, for the benefit of a future without CO2 emissions, this must change, and it must change now. STROHBOID has made this desire its corporate mission. STROHBOID’s claim is clear: they want to revolutionize the construction industry and lead it towards a CO2-neutral future. To this purpose, they take inspiration from nature in order to plan building systems oriented towards a sustainable future.

Thousands of years ago, long before the age of concrete and steel, houses were built of wood, straw and clay. Despite their simple construction, these buildings impressed with their longevity and combined the advantages of natural building materials: wood (extremely robust and resistant), straw (ideal for insulation) and clay (provides a pleasant indoor climate). Today, in the 21st century, STROHBOID is reviving this simple but ingenious construction method by combining natural building materials with the latest technology.

STROHBOID: Form follows nature

What do STROHBOID products promise?

STROHBOID products are known for being durable, aesthetic and sustainable. They can easily last up to 25 years if all maintenance instructions are followed. In addition, they are made of a special type of wood (laminated veneer lumber (LVL) of beech or spruce depending on the product) that is not only extremely strong, but also very durable. In turn, the structures of all products, created from a wooden grid and coated with a high-tech membrane, withstand winds of up to 160 km/h and even heavy snow loads. 

In terms of aesthetics, a key quality is the unique shape of the structures. By using a hyperbolic paraboloid as a shape, a unique point of attraction for the human eye is created. This is very useful as this quality provides a great opportunity to stand out from competing products. At the same time, thanks to its organic shape, each outdoor room integrates perfectly with nature and enhances the charm of the site.

STROHBOID: La forma sigue a la naturaleza

What products does STROHBOID actually offer?


Pavilion is a luxurious event tent that comes in different sizes and equipment. Depending on the capacity you need, you can choose the option of 70m2 (equivalent to a capacity of 50 people), 160m2 (equivalent to a capacity of 115 people), 240m2 (equivalent to a capacity of 170 people) and 330m2 (equivalent to a capacity of 235 people). At the same time, Pavilion offers different types of equipment depending on the comfort you require. You can choose the level of enclosure according to the weather on the day of your event, ensuring a great indoor climate with high air circulation.

STROHBOID: Form follows nature


Lounge is the small version of Pavilon, offering 2 types of size and 2 types of equipment. Depending on the capacity you need, you can choose between the 20m2 option (equivalent to a capacity of 15 people) or the 50m2 option (equivalent to a capacity of 30 people). It also has the same adaptability of Pavilon, being able to opt for its “comfort” equipment to completely close the room, making it perfect for cold days.

STROHBOID: La forma sigue a la naturaleza


STROHBOID’s newest and most luxurious product is Glamping. A tent accommodation that can be insulated and, with the integrated heating and cooling system, can be used both in summer and winter, even in climates as low as minus 25°C. It offers 2 types of size for a capacity of 2 persons and can be ordered in its extended version, in which you will have a space equipped with a comfortable double bed, a small kitchenette and a living space, as well as a bathroom.

STROHBOID: La forma sigue a la naturaleza

STROHBOID is an excellent example of how it is possible to build in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way without sacrificing functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to its commitment to sustainability design, STROHBOID has managed to combine the use of sustainable materials (such as wood) and advanced technologies, demonstrating that sustainability is not at odds with modernity and innovation. In short, STROHBOID is another testimony that it is possible to build a more sustainable and livable future for everyone, something that we at Ekohunters share with all our readers daily.