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Sunglasses that take care of your eyes and the environment


You can also make responsible consumption when buying fashion accessories such as sunglasses. With a frame made of wood, hemp fibre or biodegradable acetate, these creative eco-designs are made to protect not only your eyesight, but also the planet by purchasing sustainable products.

1. Sustainable sunglasses: our top 100%.

Hemp Eyewear sunglasses reach the 100% sustainable ratio, according to the evaluation criteria of our EKO SEAL. Their frames are made of a material made from hemp fibre and water vapour. An idea that occurred to the product designer Sam Whitten, founder of the brand, looking for sustainable materials with which to develop his end-of-studies project.Concord eco friendly hemp sunglassesThe innovative designs of Hemp Eyewear sustainable sunglasses combine research, development and technology applied to a new ecological material, with handmade manufacturing processes, as all the frames are worked by hand in a studio-workshop in Edinburgh. An exemplary and inspiring eco-design project.

sustainable harrelson sunglasses

2. Responsible consumption. it’s in your hands.

Opting for responsible consumption when purchasing fashion accessories, such as sunglasses, is in your hands, as you will find options and designs of all kinds. If the previous proposal used hemp as the material for the frames, these other models from the Dick Moby firm are made from biodegradable or recycled acetate.

Ory acetate ecologic sunglassesRobert Wefers Bettink and Tim Holland set out to make sustainable sunglasses when one day they found themselves surfing in the middle of a sea full of plastic waste. So in 2012 they created Dick Moby, a Dutch firm that only works with recycled or biodegradable acetate. Original and colourful designs that are also sustainable products that make it possible to consume fashion accessories responsibly.Eco fiendly acetate BCN sunglasses

Mazzucchelli acetates, 100% organic and biodegradable, are also used to make these vintage-style sunglasses, the first ones inspired by a 1975 design and the second ones more in the line of classic models from the 1980s. It is a proposal by the Galician firm Woodglass, which works with sustainable materials made from cotton fibre and wood.acetate sustainable 1975 sunglasseseco friendly acetate Arthur sunglasses

3. Wooden sunglasses: original and sustainable

Although Woodglass’ previous designs are made of acetate, this Galician firm actually started out designing wooden sunglasses, which they make by hand in their workshop on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela.

The idea of its founders, Martín Rendo and Arturo Gutiérrez, was to create sustainable products that were also handmade. That’s why they began by working first with wooden sunglasses, later incorporating the organic and biodegradable acetate with which they make the models above.

With 100% recyclable or biodegradable walnut wood, from sustainably managed forests, they make eco-designs like these, with a much stronger aesthetic and packaging.

Wooden sustainable classic birch sunglasses

Wooden modern indie sunglassesAnother Spanish firm of sustainable products that also bets on wooden sunglasses is the Barcelona-based Beland, created in 2017 by three musicians: Carles, David and Xavi. Two of them play the double bass and one the drums, so their love for the walnut wood with which they make their proposals makes perfect sense.

Artika circle wood sunglasses environment4. Polarized sunglasses: take care of your eyes.

If, in addition to investing in sustainable products, you are concerned about leading a healthy lifestyle, then you should opt for polarized sunglasses, as they are the best option for properly protecting your eyes. They help combat eyestrain and provide clearer vision, even for driving and sports. Almost decided on wooden sunglasses? Then you’ll be glad to know that all of Beland’s eco-designers wear polarized lenses.Darien eco-friendly sunglasses5. Round sunglasses: they always look good.

Almost everyone looks good in round sunglasses – it’s an almost safe bet. At Ekohunters, you can find many different models, such as those designed by architect Le Corbusier, which are very suitable if you are looking for a retro piece. Don’t miss their peach version, in case it fits something more fun and colourful with your personality.Sustainable acetate AMS sunglasses environmentDid the hemp fibre thing we told you about at the beginning sound good to you? If you liked the original finish, here are a couple of suggestions in a round format:

Hemp crosby sunglasses

eco friendly hamburg sunglassesAnd finally: Menorca. What an evocative name for sunglasses! Round, wooden and with polarized lenses. A very original fashion accessory that is also a sustainable product with which you will make a responsible consumption.

Menorca women sunglasses environment