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Deriva sailmakers was born from an idea. It emerged from the creativity and work of Alba Albelda and Ramón Goñi, and it grew as they developed their first designs and prototypes.

Completely involved in what they consider to be an endless journey, they have been developing new and great solutions to obtain a better design and product concept.

They make all their decisions aiming to always achieve the standard of sustainability they have set for themselves, being critical with each step and progress throughout the entire production chain of the product.

Deriva sailmakers is dedicated to innovation, and work focused on creativity and sustainability. Its origin, a sailmaker, gives them the inspiration to give all kinds of products a beautiful second life.

With the objective of creating a product that is as eco-efficient and sustainable as possible, it incorporates complements and parts made using additive fabrication (P.L.A.). Additive fabrication – often associated with 3D printing – is a technology with great potential for innovation and growth, which is transforming the way we think of, design and manufacture products.

The result is a product with a perfect and elegant finish; pure digital craftsmanship.

Here at Ekohunters we present their first and only collection of 2017: Backpack 1701. Inspired by the basic design of Deriva, this backpack is produced with recycled boat sails and carries elements, frames and base made through additive fabrication (P.L.A). Available in four colors, to suit all preferences.

1701 Green

1701 Rose

eco-friendly-backpacks1701 Orange