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Sustainable benches made of wood for a natural interior design

Wood is a wild material for sustainable interior design. It’s combinable with all colors, adaptable to various decorative styles and is 100% natural. It’s also very resistant, with a useful life of more than a century. And as if that weren’t enough, its acquisition cost and the energy expenditure in its production are really low in relation to other materials. In our marketplace you can find multiple wooden products but in this article we want you to know specifically some of our sustainable benches


Sustainable benches made of 100% natural wood

Natural, simple and authentic are the characteristics of the spaces that the Spanish firm Let’s Pause seeks to create with its designs. They work with 100% interventions free wood such as varnish or wax. This is how they make their products special and keep them as natural as possible. Whoever acquires one of its pieces can paint it with any type of paint and thus achieve a more personalized finish.

Its products include the Alcor Bench, made of poplar wood, and the Matarea Bench. The first one has a backrest where to rest and a surface to add some cushions. The second one has an enea interwoven surface to ensure comfort. Both are handcrafted and come from a juniper family tree, which makes the wood extremely light.


Slim collection: birch wood sustainable benches 

Birch wood is a material of great flexibility while being very resistant. It also generates a sensation of great luminosity, that is why its frequent use in floors. Here at Ekohunters, Rform firm uses it in plywood format for their sustainable benches. Its pieces are simple, fine and rounded, with some touches of colors and other materials.


In this sense, the protagonist is its Slim collection, made up of three products. First of all the Slim Bench Small and the Slim Bench Mid. Both available in up to 9 colors. And secondly, the Slim Touch Bench. The latter also has 3 upper layers of felt, available in 6 different colors, which can be disassembled and mixed as you want.

Wood and 3D technology in unison

Many people wonder if technology can contribute or harm the development of sustainability, Peter Qvist comes to show us that the first option happens without a doubt. The fusion that he achieves between 3D modeling, natural wood and craftsmanship is his trademark. No matter where you see his designs, you will know that they belong to him. We’ve already talked several times about their products in different articles on our Ekoblog, this time it’s the turn of the Tyren the Bull.


This sustainable bench is characterized by being composed of 42 sub-elements of laminated birch veneer that interconnect with each other to form the final design. An abstract figure large and imposing enough to be, in addition to a powerful bench, an aerodynamic sculpture to behold. Each piece of wood is processed by a milling machine, generating a minimum of waste from the original material. Plus, they’re sanded, oiled and waxed for a silky smooth finish.

Sustainable wooden benches and something more …

One furniture, two functionalities. That sounds useful, doesn’t it? The Correlations Bench & Organizer by We Do Wood is also a trunk. Thanks to its removable lid and its hollow interior. Ideal for small spaces where you need to use the maximum space. In it you can store from small objects to blankets, clothes and other big items.


The Correlation bench is made of certified moso bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural resources in the world. In the case of this firm, the bamboo that they use is chemical free, this means herbicides or fertilizers hasn’t been used in its production. Also, for the manufacture of furniture, wood isn’t subjected to harmful chemical processes either.

In this line we also want to introduce you to the Pi bench by Rform. A design very similar to those of its Slim collection that we mentioned above, but in this case it has a storage space under the seat. Optimal for placing small items or magazines.


Remember that you can find many more models in our section of sustainable and eco-designed benches by clicking here.