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Sustainable floor lamps made of natural materials

Fortunately, every day more people are acquiring an ecological consciousness and with it, modifying their consumption habits for ones that are more responsible with the environment and the society that surrounds them. They try to prioritize sustainable products in all aspects of their life, such as clothing, food and even the decoration of their home. For this last reason, in this article we want to talk about some sustainable floor lamps made of natural materials.


What natural materials do to contribute to home decoration?

The main decorative characteristic of natural materials is that they provide a feeling of warmth, balance and timelessness to the spaces where they are used. Its ability to combine with other styles and colors is infinite, and its lively personality is inescapable.

For this reason, they’re often widely used for bohemian, rustic and natural rooms. But without neglecting more eclectic spaces if they’re combined with more modern elements. Do you join the natural look?


Sustainable floor lamps made of bamboo

We dare to say that sustainable floor lamps that are made of bamboo are some of the most ecofriendly options you’ll find. This is so, because this plant is one of the most sustainable in the world. It’s 100% biodegradable, absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide, and produces 35% more oxygen than a tree. In addition, its cultivation doesn’t need pesticides or any type of chemical fertilizer, which makes it an organic plant free of toxins.

At Ekohunters we have Moolin, a sustainable natural bamboo floor lamp that is a piece of art thanks to its design. The Lasfera firm places special emphasis on the care of the environment from the beginning of its productions, that is why the chosen material is bamboo. In addition, they’re deeply committed to the preservation of regional traditions, in this case the lamps are produced by manual bamboo bending techniques, being 100% handmade designs. A sustainable floor lamp that captures all eyes thanks to their appeal and eco hearts because of their history.


Sustainable floor lamps made of cane

Sugar cane is another plant with high potential for sustainability. Sugar cane generates 40 tons of oxygen per hectare cultivated and captures up to 60 tons of dioxide, this represents what 9 to 12 people emit annually. And there’s even more, the residues that remain after its harvest is transformed into a natural fertilizer for the land that provides large amounts of nutrients as well as helping to improve retention of the water.

Serena is a sustainable floor lamp with an iron structure and a lampshade handmade of cane. The Let’s Pause firm braids this natural fiber delicately to create a sphere capable of generating an effect of warmth and an atmosphere of relaxation. We’re talking about a space in connection with nature thanks to its authenticity and simplicity. All the firm’s sustainable floor lamps, like its other products, aren’t varnished, but the wood looks with its natural appearance.


Sustainable floor lamps made of linen

Sustainable floor lamps made of linen are characterized for being highly ecofriendly and for their resistance. Linen is a very durable natural fiber with low elasticity, which means that it won’t change its shape over time. During its production and harvest it doesn’t need chemical interventions or even fertilizers. In addition, another of the great environmental advantages of linen is that it requires much less water than other fibers, such as cotton, in this way, it contributes to a reduction in the water footprint.

Good&Mojo is an Ekohunters eco-designer firm that has a collection of 3 sustainable floor lamps made of bamboo wood with linen shades: Kilimanjaro, Annapurna and Everest. All 3 designs are available with shades of up to 6 different colors, including forest green … We love that one! In addition to being sustainable due to its materials, each product has a social commitment behind it. From the total profit from each sale, a percentage is donated to the WakaWaka Foundation, which provides solar lamps to people in need of humanitarian aid. Therefore, as the firm says, “… when you buy light, you give light!”


I want to know more!

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