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5 sustainable sofas of different styles for your living room

Choosing a suitable sofa is one of the most complicated challenges when decorating your home. Sofas are the soul of every living room and in addition to being comfortable and functional, they should be fashionable and go in line with the decoration of the rest of the space. This article shows you five of our sustainable sofas to turn your living room into a unique and original place, decorate your home with environmental responsibility.


Woodly modular design

The sustainable Space sofa is a unique design. It’s a modular sofa, which is easily assembled and disassembled like a puzzle using an exclusive closing system invented by Konstantin Achkov, the designer of this Bulgarian firm.

Some of the reasons these sofas are sustainable include: the lightweight natural wood used as raw material, their CNC routing processing, and their modular design that allows flat packaging. All this responds to its policy of minimizing emissions derived from its production, and its principal objective is to achieve ecological and efficient transport. It’s a design that brings a natural, friendly and original spirit to any living room in the house.


From the 50s to the 21st century: 2 sculptural sustainable sofas

Peter Qvist is a Danish designer who uses advanced 3D modeling and combines it with expert craftsmanship to create unique and sculptural sustainable sofas. Peak Lounge Chair and Hippokamp are two of those designs that stand out on their own. Embodying the legendary Charles Eames Lounge Chair sofa from the 50s, he modernizes and greens it to bring this kind of sofa into the everyday life of whoever want it in their stylish and sustainable living room.


The architecture behind these models consists of multiple sub-elements made of birch wood using a milling machine joined together to create the final art. These items are hand-rounded, oiled and waxed for a silky smooth finish. One of the aspects that distinguishes them from one another is that Hippokamp has cords on its backrest, seat, and footrest.

Peak Lounge Chair also includes a footrest that also can be used as an independent sculptural stool. Anyway, you won’t regret taking a look at this eco-designer’s whole exclusive collection.


Mythical sofa for a retro decoration

In a past article, we’ve talked about the symbol of upcycling at Ekohunters: the Sofa 600 by Bel&Bel. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you click here and discover one of the most original designs in our store. In the same line of sustainable sofas, this Spanish firm has created the sustainable Spider Side Panels sofa, inspired by classic scooter models of which they carefully restore the elements to create these sofas.

Due to their design, they’re functional and decorative pieces, perfect for offices, waiting rooms, receptions or even house living rooms that seek to go out of the common. Each seat is different and has its own story, but all Spider Side Panels have something in common: a nostalgic and romantic air for all lovers of classic vehicles.


Trending natural fibers

Those fabrics that triumphed between the 50s and 60s have returned to prevail in our homes with their warm essence and natural style creating cozy environments. Natural fibers aren’t only appropriate for exterior spaces as before, nowadays they occupy essential roles in the decoration of the house’s interior. They’re present in lamps, mirrors, headboards, placemats, baskets and trays, in addition to the usual sofas, chairs and tables.

In this sense, we want to introduce you to Talamanca by Lets Pause. For its creation, this sustainable Spanish firm carefully braids the esparto by hand and covers the wooden structure inside Talamanca with that fabric. Combine it with a wooden table for a sublime composition, and don’t forget to add cushions and blankets for a color touch. A star piece!