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The best sustainable table lamps for reading

Gone are those times in which the role of lamps was based on the simple fact of lighting when sunset began to give way to dark nights. From the discovery of fire to the invention of led lights, humanity has been reinventing the use of lamps and the different types of lights.

Today, light creates atmospheres, decorates and even accompanies the multiple activities of a person in their day-to-day life. About this last point is our today article, focusing on sustainable table lamps ideal for reading moments.

But first, it’s interesting to note how the evolution of the most recent lighting has been responding to environmental concerns, where white LED light has come to replace incandescent lamps, which 100% of the electricity they consume, 95% transform into heat and only the remaining 5% into light. This same trend is happening with eco-friendly design, slow fashion and green architecture. The routes may be various, but the destination is the same: a more sustainable future.


What is the best lighting for reading?

Reading or studying are activities that generally need a close focus. This means that if you don’t have the necessary lighting conditions, your eyes are strained too much, which ends up leading to visual fatigue, headaches and red eyes.

For this reason, there are two critical aspects to consider before choosing your reading spot or the table lamps that will accompany you. First of all, the color and its tonality. The cold lights of about 4,000k-5,000K will be the most useful as it’s proven to improve concentration and attention. Second, orientation and direction. The best light for reading illuminates the book from above and with no obstacles in the middle that produce shadows. So, let’s see some of our sustainable table lamps ideal for your reading moments.


Delamp: regulates the light intensity

Delamp is a sustainable table lamp designed by the Spanish firm Debosc. It’s made of certified birch wood, characteristic for its resistance and light appearance. Delamp has two pieces that, thanks to their anchoring, allow the height of the light to be adjusted. One of the significant advantages of this table lamp is that it has a built-in touch dimmer that allows modifying the intensity of its white LED. In this way, depending on the time of day, you can progressively compensate the loss of natural light until nightfall.


Mizuko: go for a table pendant light

Mizuko is an ideal table lamp for when reading on the desk as it lights up from above. Thanks to its shade, it prevents light from being distributed in other directions, which is very useful at night, and even more if you share the space with other people. The arm of these lamps is made of wood, and its lampshade is made of papier mâché with old newspapers. This makes it a very light and sustainable design.

In addition, Mizuko brings color to the home with its colorful shade that you can customize both inside and outside, just like the cable. We recommend that you look at the more than 30 sustainable lamps from Crea-re by clicking here. All charming!


Glint: controls the intensity and direction of the beam

Glint is a sustainable table lamp designed to adapt itself to the needs and preferences of the different people in the home. This happens thanks to its two main pieces: a cork lamp with magnets and a metal structure. Depending on what area of ​​the base the lamp is placed to, the intensity and direction of the light will change from more direct to indirect. In addition, the metal structure is designed in such a way that it also works as an organizer for other everyday products such as books, magazines or keys. It includes a led bulb.


Archy: choose a sidelight

The collection of sustainable table lamps called Archy from the Belgian firm More Circular is characterized by its minimalist, delicate and simple aesthetic. If you’re thinking of a lamp for your reading moments but which at the same time can be a great decorative and functional complement in the living room that offers a more general light, Archy may be what you’re looking for. Also, it’s available in black and white, and in up to three different sizes.It’s made from 100% recycled plaster waste, and its purchase includes a led bulb.


N ° 1: take advantage of an adjustable head and articulated arm

Finally, we’d like to introduce you to the N ° 1 sustainable table lamp from FVK. This lamp has three main elements. In the first place, a base consisting of a rock, which using a perforation, holds an anchor to fix the second element: the arm. This mobile arm comprises one or more articulated pieces of wood, depending on the design chosen. Last, it has a metal shade that you can adjust as you prefer to regulate the direction of the beam. Here you can see the complete collection of sustainable table lamps from FVK.


Do you want to see more?

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