Creating legacies in wood: Timeless Natura’s commitment to sustainability

Creating legacies in wood: Timeless Nature's commitment to sustainability

Located in the town of Cordoba, Spain, “Timeless Natura” stands out as a firm dedicated to the manufacture of furniture with a strong social and environmental commitment. Its creations, unique and full of character, never go unnoticed, standing out in any space where they are exhibited. 

In this article, we bring you the history of this company, its commitment to sustainability and its exceptional furniture. From its headquarters in Cordoba, “Timeless Natura” has managed to establish itself as a benchmark in the sustainable furniture industry, fusing quality and responsibility in each of its pieces to offer authentic functional works of art.

The story behind Timeless Natura

The story behind Timeless Natura is a testament to vision and commitment rooted in the creation of sustainable furniture. Founded in 2018 by a collaboration between the Universal Social Foundation and Rioma SL, this brand emerged with a unique purpose in mind: to offer furniture that transcends time, fusing timelessness, sustainability and exclusivity. From its foundations, it charted a path towards excellence in design and manufacturing, while embracing social, economic and environmental responsibility.

The essence of Timeless Natura lies in its meticulous choice of materials and methods. With a focus on solid wood from reforested forests, and the application of organic oils in each creation, the brand redefined the relationship between design and sustainability. Each piece of furniture not only carries with it the mark of craftsmanship and quality, but also the imprint of a commitment to reducing waste and promoting durability.

What kind of furniture can we find in Timeless Natura’s catalog?

Timeless Natura offers a diverse range of solid wood furniture, where its expertise lies in the creation of chairs and tables. Each piece, even if it is an inclusion in its catalog, radiates a uniqueness that is impossible to replicate, thanks to the unique and irreproducible grain that characterizes each log used.

The brand demonstrates its commitment to quality and guarantee by meticulously selecting the logs two years in advance, thus ensuring a natural air-drying process. From this carefully chosen raw material, the maximum possible benefit is extracted from each log and the tops that will give shape to these unique pieces are crafted, respectfully preserving the structure and intrinsic particularities of each grain.

This meticulous dedication not only ensures the uniqueness of each creation for its customers, but also allows Timeless Natura to treat each piece in an exclusive way, adapting to the specific needs of each customer. As a result, the solid wood tops not only promise authenticity and exclusivity, but also exceptional durability. This meticulous attention not only minimizes the risk of movement and deterioration, common characteristics of mass-produced pieces, but also defines Timeless Natura’s intrinsic distinction: the ability to create furniture that celebrates the uniqueness of each piece.

Creando legados en madera: El compromiso de Timeless Nature con la sostenibilidad

Timeless Natura and its commitment to interpersonal relationships and social justice

Beyond the manufacture of furniture, Timeless Natura cultivates a work environment that reflects a true community. The team, though small in number, considers itself a family, and this perspective translates into the constant pursuit of harmonious and collaborative working relationships.

In terms of working conditions, Timeless Natura stands out for its focus on the health and well-being of its workshop team. No process that could negatively affect workers’ health is allowed. In addition, the company values the importance of balancing work and family life, providing facilities for its employees to reconcile both spheres. The commitment to personal and professional growth is manifested through the promotion of continuous training of the team and the opening for students to carry out internships at Timeless, thus contributing to their development.

However, the scope of Timeless Natura’s commitment extends beyond its own walls. The collaboration with the Universal Social Foundation exemplifies its social impact. By donating 10% of its profits to this foundation, Timeless is dedicated to funding social development work on a variety of scales, from local to international. This consistent focus on social justice and community not only influences its internal processes, but is also reflected in the very essence of its products, enriching them with values that go beyond design and quality, and attest to the authenticity of its commitment.

Creando legados en madera: El compromiso de Timeless Nature con la sostenibilidad

Through excellence in craftsmanship and design, Timeless Natura not only beautifies spaces, but also weaves a story of meaningful interpersonal relationships and a positive impact on society as a whole. Their furniture is not only an expression of style, but also a tangible reminder that authenticity, sustainability and social justice can be intrinsic to every piece we create and every corner we inhabit. Enter our marketplace and fall in love with all their products.