Tolhuijs Design is a sustainable design agency based in Amsterdam by Bastiaan Tolhuijs is a Dutch designer specialized in upcycling. When he was a little boy, he liked to play with the paper bin in his classroom, looking for long-lost treasures.

Years have passed since, but his fascination for giving a new life to waste materials remain, striving to show these material can be transformed into quality designer products.



Bastiaan likes to show how the waste itself can be transformed into quality designer products. With this goal in mind, Tolhuijs Design advises businesses on sustainable practices and product design on addition to offering its own upcycled furniture and interior design products.


Their core values are sustainability, social impact and splendid designs. Factors that shape and strengthen their products.

Their designs do not start on the drawing board, but rather at the places where their raw material is collected.

Many factories dispose of high quality residual materials on a daily basis. Tolhuijs can see the potential behind every discarded piece, and turns these waste materials into the starting point of something new.


Every product carries a story with them, the story its design and the story behind its production process.

Tolhuijs reflects its commitment to sustainable development not only on their choice of materials, but also on the social field by upcycling their products in collaboration with prisons and workshops.

Tolhuijs, Dutch design with a story.

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