Design process that examines the environmental impacts of a product throughout its entire life cycle

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If you run a design or architecture studio or any type of private company, join us and access thousands of eco-friendly designer furniture and lighting pieces.

We have brought together leading independent designers and leading global eco-design brands in one community. Explore our catalog with more than 4500 pieces of furniture, lighting, decoration and eco-designed sustainable lifestyle.

Our Services

We have developed all our services with the aim of contributing to the promotion and international sale od ecodesigned products.

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We reward your fidelity

  • For the first €5,000 invested we give you €50 as a gift
  • When you accumulate 25.000 € we give you 150 € as a gift
  • When you accumulate 40.000 € we give you 200 € as a gift
  • When you accumulate 80.000 € we give you 250 € as a gift
  • If you reach the figure of 100.000 € invested we have a surprise gift for you.

Centralized Logistics

  • We provide you with a simple order control and management system.
  • Regardless of the quantity or the country of destination, our goal is to offer a centralized, responsible and quality logistics service, avoiding as far as possible the generation of emissions into the atmosphere derived from transport.
  • You can postpone the receipt of your purchases until the date of your convenience at no cost.
  • Directly from the production center to its destination, we minimize the logistic movements with the objective of minimizing the inherent cost of transportation.
  • Your account manager will be responsible for managing all logistical matters for you.

Material Connexion

"Access the world's largest library of innovative and sustainable raw materials and building materials.

Nuestra filosofía

Promote the Knowledge

Our self developed EKO LABEL Our self developed EKO LABEL allows us to examine and assess the level of eco-effectiveness of any product and therefore its level of commitment . This information is offered to our customers so that they can add the factor of "sustainability" to their purchasing motivations

We guarantee that all products, both handmade and manufactured, meet our standards in terms of materials, innovation, recyclability, reusability, production, biodegradability and compostability, renewal rate and absence of toxins and Petroleum based plastics..

Our Values

Inspiring changes

Sustainability is what defines us and we are firm in our commitment to promote and sell eco-friendly design products, produced with an efficient use of resources and the reduction of waste throughout all stages of the production process.

Ekohunters is a circular economy company that proposes a new consumption model and works for a sustainable future and is governed by an internal policy of social and environmental commitment.

As a community, our goal is to educate present and future generations about the importance and influence each of us can have in promoting that change in the industry, the market and the way we consume. We work every day to make "sustainability""one of the key purchasing factors, as important as price, design or functionality, and that is why we implicitly support the objectives and philosophies of our eco-designers.

We therefore have the power and responsibility to choose those products that not only meet our needs, but also contribute, on the one hand, to better management of the planet's natural resources, seeking to ensure the sustainability of the system, and on the other, to the conservation of the environment and natural ecosystems that are so important for the adaptation and mitigation of climate change that threatens us."

We are concerned about the damage that our activity generates to the environment and our objective is to reduce the carbon footprint produced by our logistics service by promoting the consumption of local products, thus minimising the kilometres travelled and therefore the carbon footprint generated.
Our international logistics service allows us to distribute our products in the most environmentally neutral way possible, thus minimizing the ecological cost of transporting our goods.

We calculate the emissions generated on the basis of the weight and kilometres travelled by our shipments and carry out environmental compensation actions with the aim of neutralizing 100% of the carbon emissions generated.

People and Planet

In this increasingly global and digitalised world, which connects people and companies, we can tip the balance with a simple click.

The way forward is – Choosing the Earth.

This commitment is one of the pillars of our values. These values are translated and will be translated into the adoption of a set of actions that we trust will have positive repercussions for society through the implementation in our daily activities of internal methods and processes that highlight not only the economic and business component but also and especially the principles of social and environmental ethics.

The aim of this policy is to transfer the economic success of our company to our society by actively working to resolve the two greatest challenges that we believe today's society faces - the fight against climate change and the fight against poverty –

For this reason, we allocate 1% of our net profits to social and/or environmental organizations working to achieve a more sustainable society."

For every product sold, we plant a tree. In this sense, we have reached an agreement with "One Tree Planted" company, in charge of carrying out the planting according to the criteria established by Ekohunters. The main objective of this action is to offset the emissions generated by the logistics inherent to the purchase/sale. The ultimate objective of Ekohunters is to offset 100% of the emissions generated by the company's activities on an annual basis, for which purpose we will complement this action with other environmental actions until the carbon footprint generated has been fully offset.

All our services have been developed taking into account their influence on the global generation of the carbon footprint and we work to reduce and/or minimise all our impacts as far as possible, ensuring the offsetting of our footprint through annual offset projects.

All this information will be included in the annual sustainability report that Ekohunters develops every year, which is published and accessible to the public, in accordance with our fundamental principle of transparency.

Open your business account at Ekohunters and help us to promote a change in the industry towards the consumption of more responsible products with the planet.

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