Whether you are an architectural, interior design or decoration studio, Ekohunters puts at your disposal the world’s largest catalog of eco-designed and sustainable products in the world through its TRADE service.

In our opinion, it is vital that the private initiative tourn out to be the driving force of a change towards a more responsible and conscious consumption, valuing not only the aspects of design and functionality, but also all those aspects that have to do with the selection of materials, production process and the life cycle of the product, with the purpose that the purchase, is the most committed and sustainable possible.

Directly from the designer, we have developed a logistics system, which allows us to optimize and centralize logistics regardless of the quantity or country of destination, minimizing as far as possible the generation of atmospheric emissions from transport.

Our goal is to bring together the largest selection of eco-designed products, simplifying the process of searching and purchasing sustainable products of quality and contrasted innovative design.

Our TRADE service allows our clients to elaborate their proposals, incorporating sustainability and environmental commitment as added value, ensuring their customers a responsable purchase.

Discover all the advantages of being part of our TRADE community and be part of the change!