Why choose wooden chopping boards for your kitchen

boards. Any recipe needs them and any cook appreciates having them around. They’re essential accessories for cooking comfortably and safely on the table. In this article, we’ll show you why wooden chopping boards are the best option for your kitchen.


They’re beautiful and sustainable

First, we want to highlight the chopping boards made of wood as the most sustainable alternative kind for the kitchen. This is because this is a renewable, biodegradable material and, if it has a natural varnishing and coloring treatment, it’s toxic-free. In addition, its obtaining can also be sustainable if it comes from certified forests, fallen trees, or natural cultivation respecting the rhythms of nature.

Accessories made of wood have a natural, warm and soft look. This turns them into pieces of decoration that promote cozy environments. For this reason, these boards are often also used as trays to present food on the dining room table, such as cheese boards.


So, it seems appropriate to show you the kitchen chopping board of the Spanish firm Con Alma Design made of pine wood from fallen trees. Its light appearance, grains, knots, and circular design make this chopping board unique and perfect to complement the decoration of the table in an eco-friendly way. The same happens with Rocca, the Let’s Pause chopping board, except it has a rectangular design that’s made of cypress wood.


Wooden chopping boards are easy to grasp and handle

Another advantage of wooden kitchen utensils is they are easy to grasp thanks to their rough surface. Even when wet, they’re objects that don’t slip. This doesn’t mean that they’re uncomfortable accessories when you touch them, but they’re soft enough to feel comfortable in hand. In the case of the chopping board, this characteristic is reinforced in those that have a handle.

This is the case of the Gradirripas rectangular chopping board made of pine wood. This material has grains and knots and has a medium density and hardness.


From the same firm but with a more homogeneous appearance and a higher density, there is the oak wood chopping board, also with a rectangular design. We should also note that this model is considerably resistant to humidity.


They’re helpful to keep meals heated

Since the wood is an excellent thermal insulator, it will help you keep your meals’ temperature. So, in addition to working on cutting food and on tabling decoration, they work as surfaces to support the hot dishes with security. Considering this and the other points we mentioned above, we have the perfect candidate: the circular pine cutting board with handle from Gradirripas. A nice, comfortable and spacious board.


Wood is a healthy material for people

Finally, another positive aspect of wooden utensils is that it’s an inert material, so it doesn’t react in contact with food substances and therefore doesn’t contaminate them with harmful substances. Also, it’ll never leave a metallic taste in food. Additionally, the wood in a board prevents knives from slipping when cutting food, resulting in more safety for the cook.

We have wooden chopping boards that, in addition to fulfill all these characteristics, add functionality by presenting a groove around the edge to retain the liquid that comes off the food. This contributes to better tidiness and cleanliness of the table where you cook. For example, we have the rectangular oak board, the circular pine wood board, or the rectangular pine chopping board.


More wood chopping boards designs

If you want to continue discovering more wooden chopping boards, you can visit the section of our website specially dedicated to these accessories. There you will find multiple options at affordable prices to cook comfortably and give the natural touch to the decoration of your home’s dining table in an eco-friendly way.