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Eco-friendly lamps by Almut Von Wildheim


Almut Von Wildheim is an Austrian company born from the combination of two passions: nature and lighting. Born in the heart of the Tyrolean mountains, the team formed by designer Ulrich Huber, and his colleagues Stefanie Graber and Clemens Pfefferkorn, specialize in the design and crafting of lamps made from organic and natural materials.



The idea of creating lamps made from materials that come directly from nature started (as many other good things) in the middle of the forest. A walnut tree that had to be cut down to prevent it from becoming a fire hazard turned out to be completely hollow on the inside, which at the same time proved to be the perfect canvas for the very first Almut lamp.

Many lamps followed, and what started as hobby and soon became a profession and the business we know today: Almut Von Wildheim.


The brand stands behind the objective of creating stylish lamps made of naturally renewable and locally sourced raw materials, ensuring straightforward design, high quality finishes and the added value of sustainability.


The idea is to reinterpret a daily product and make something special that is not only focused on humans but also in nature. Almut’s simple and clean designs, draw the attention to its natural materials, such as hemp, jute, beech wood and oak wood, so you can smell, see and feel nature closer than ever, right inside of your home.


Their latest design line, 2610 is a statement of their lifestyle and a declaration of love to their homeland and the mountains and landscapes that saw them grow. Find the full catalog on Ekohunters.