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Autumn is a crucial season in the decorating trend for the new season. At Ekohunters, we give you a summary of the directions to highlight so that you can put your house at the latest in the most sustainable way.

The eco look is in fashion and that’s why we’ve selected a series of items from our store based on this autumn’s trends.

    fall-decor-trendsAlthough we have said goodbye to the summer, the natural fabrics have arrived to stay this season. There is increasing awareness that natural fibers benefit our planet and both in fashion, as in decoration, the use of fabrics such as hemp, raffia or materials such as bamboo are trend.

    RUG SOLID’s Blue Mix cotton carpetis made from sustainable materials, from recycled fishing nets and recycled leather to organic materials such as jute and much more.

    Mollin, it is a lamp and sculpture is handmade from natural bamboo is designed by LASFERA. Using traditional manual bamboo bending techniques, each lamp has its own character and a personal touch.

    The SAONA Pouf by LET`S PAUSE, a square made of esparto with an internal wooden structure. The esparto grass is a natural fibre. At Let’s Pause all the furniture is handmade and the esparto grass is not treated with any varnish or wax.

  2. BOHO, BACK TO THE 70´Sviolina-fall-decor-trends
    The return to the 70’s, better known as the boho trend is a style to follow this fall. There are no established rules and the explosion of color is one of its characteristics. The mixture of different fabrics, colors and the natural touch will bring to your space an ideal boho style.

    The Violina armchair of Let´s Pauseis an ideal esparto armchair to give warmth through natural materials to your living room or semi-open spaces.

    You can also chooseCroké by HR DESIGN STUDIO, a table inspired by traditional Portuguese stools and the art of crochet. The structure is made of pine wood in which the crochet lining wraps a shelf inside, ideal for storing a book, clock, among other objects. The cover is made of plastic bags wasted in the daily routine, introducing the art of crochet as a method and repetition. A great idea to give that boho touch to your living room or room.

    If you already have pots and just want to give them some height, this fall-decor-trends-plant-potsOitenta´s plant stand is ideal. It is elaborated in solid pine wood and in a totally handmade way.LASFERA’s Sophie planted pot-lampis half plant, half pot ideal for interiors and exteriors.

    This hanging pot from Oitenta is handmade from solid pine wood in a simple Nordic style. Its design allows it to be used as a hanging flowerpot or as a conventional flowerpot. It uses a sturdy sailor’s rope to hang it, which can be easily fixed or removed.

  4. PURE LINES, CAME TO STAYfall-decor-trends
    Although it is a trend that has been booming for some years now, straight and pure lines are a safe bet when furnishing a house and it continues to be a trend. Establishing austere Scandinavian-inspired furniture as a base, such as the ones we propose, allows you to play with more creative complements and prints.

    The REINE MERE set of mirror, hanger and shelf in solid oak, with rounded edges, is a perfect example.

    URIBITARTE sustainable sideboard in Nordic style is a multifunctional piece of furniture made of oak wood that can be used as a foyer, TV table, chest of drawers or office furniture.

  5. NATURAL LOOK: WOODwood-furniture
    The handcrafted look is one of the must of 2019. The use of wood is fundamental, as much in furniture as in complements as in lamps or decorative complements. At Ekohunters we try to ensure that our eco-designers treat wood as sustainably as possible.

    Teia, is a lamp designed to create focal lighting. Several Teia lamps will create a warm spotlight over larger areas. Made in Germany from sustainably grown birch plywood (FSC certified), laser cut and hand finished.

    This Dinning chair by WEDOWOOD, combines practicality, Scandinavian design and quality. Created with natural bamboo, it will bring an incredible touch of design to your home.

    Take advantage of our special discount for new customers of 12% on the first purchase as a registered user and start the fall giving a new touch to your home.

    Choose any of Ekohunters’ sustainable and ecological products and contribute with your purchase to the development of a more sustainable consumption and industry.