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Galula is a reflection of the duo Mendes’Macedo personalities.The two designers have teamed up to give a fun and happy character to the everyday objects.

In 2011 they started to sketch and have ideas for pieces and products they imagined for their homes and their friends homes. They passed the ideas into practice and decided to explore the good furniture industry and production of Portuguese cork.

Galula is the Portuguese word for something tasty to eat. Along with the functional and creative design they give their products the best production quality, materials and finishes so people can take better profitability of the product and enjoy it at it’s best way for a long time. Galula products are proudly designed and produced in Portugal.

You emphasize the national/local production on your designs – Why is it so important for your the link between your products and its place of manufacture?

In Portugal we have a very good furniture industry, with a strong knowhow allied to the latest technology, this industry was one of the factors that encouraged us to found Galula, because this would ensure that we would have products with a good quality and also with a good price. And so it is. This industry being close allow us to better control the production, be part of the prototypes and establish a close relationship with the producer.

Looking at products that can appreciate a remarkably functional design although your speech unfolds that you want to go beyond. How would you define your work?

For us functionality has to be the primary goal of our designs, but we think the product will stand out if it has an identity,Galula identity is based in our experiences, preferences, and life, that we believe that translates in happy, fun, colorful and versatile products!


Sino lamp, Galula

Do your origins inspire you at the time of designing a new product? Is the inspiration in any way when designing the product? How does it manifest in the final result?

Galula products being drawn by two people with different experiences and backgrounds always shows a bilateral view for one product that with a little bit of fight between us, our different point of views ends up being super positive in a final product with the quality that we want to archive. We inspire too by national materials, that’s why we use a lot of cork.

What is Galula’s commitment in within sustainability?

We always choose FCS certificated wood which gives us assurance that the wood we use in our products meets sustainability requirements. We choose cork as one of our favorite materials also because its sustainability and we always choose LED bulbs. Not less important, our products are made to last, therefore we believe that when someone buys a Galula product, they will stay with it for many years, because it’s made and designed for that.


You speak with passion, revindicating Portugals manufacturing industry (craftsmanship) and revindicate it as design vanguard country. From your young vision What role will Portuguese youth play in the future development of the country?

In the past there was a lack of portuguese brands and we were known only as good producers, fortunately this is changing and in the recent years many brands have emerged making the alliance between industry and design. This brands come from different sectors by the hand of young people, because in Portugal we have a good industry not only in furniture, but also in footwear, textile, glass, moldes, making this new generation very entrepreneurial and very competitive internationally.

Seis table, Galula

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