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3 types of essential sustainable storage furniture

We spend long hours choosing the perfect decoration and furniture to create a beautiful home with a unique essence, but many times we forget the fundamental role that order plays in that objective. So, all our efforts and best intentions can be shadowed if a space is untidy. Even the most exclusive furniture and the most colorful accessories can go unnoticed in a scene governed by chaos. It even happens that in these cases the rooms seem smaller and become a bit overwhelming. But tidying isn’t always a simple and quick task. This usually causes the habit can’t be maintained in the long term, especially if you don’t have the necessary tools. Therefore, in this article we’ll show you 3 types of essential sustainable storage furniture to keep your home ordered and in harmony.

First things first: the hall

The hall is the first clutter possibility. As soon as the visitors and the hosts enter the home, they look for a place to put their coats, accessories, keys, bags, umbrellas, among others. At the same time it’s the first impression that the people perceive of the space. For this reason, the number one sustainable storage furniture that we suggest you incorporate into your home is a rack or, as in the cases that we’ll show you below, a shelf-rack.

For a simple but elegant design, you can opt for an ecological shelf with a geometric shape. Look at our Moonlight from the French firm Reine Mere. A shelf made of oak wood that has an integrated mirror and some delicate hooks underneath. On it, the possibility of placing minimalist decoration accessories such as a small flowerpot, a sculpture or a painting to accompany the warm welcome.


In the same line, with a design that alludes to the movement of the pelicans, we have the Pelican ecological shelf from the Spanish firm Woodendot. Available in walnut, oak and ash wood, and in different colors depending on the material chosen. Like the Moonlight ecological shelf, it has some lower hooks but in this case, totally hidden.


Finally, if your home dazzles art in every corner, the Link ecological shelf by Peter Qvist is your best bet. It’s made of birch wood, and it merges 3D technology, craftsmanship and decorative art. There is no better description of its essence than an image of itself can convey.


Multifunction sustainable storage Furniture

If furniture with multiple functions is already a success, when order is a concern, the advantages are even more tangible. But look at our eco-friendly side table by Woodendot. An exclusive design, of simple beauty and, the most interesting, removable. Just sliding the top cover enables the possibility of storing small objects. A product available in oak and ash wood, and in multiple colors.


The problem, especially for smaller spaces, is that sometimes the tables imply a big use of space that isn’t available. Here we share a solution when choosing tables-desks, dressers and even small bars: our ecological furniture La Píldora by Emko. It’s a round cabinet that is fixed to the wall and functions as a support surface while also having a “hidden” shelf. Made of MDF, it’s available in multiple colors and comes equipped with plugs and the possibility of integrating LED lights.


Reinventing bookcases

If you have enough space to place a bookcase, go with this option over an individual shelf or some of them. In this way you’ll have much more storage possibilities, separations by category and freedom when creating decorative compositions within it. Don’t clutter it with books, but prioritize the distance between objects and their variety: magazines, photographs, sculptures, flowerpots, diffusers, books and other decoration products.

You can choose simple designs, like our ecological Ohm shelf from the Spanish firm Cartonlab. A product of great sustainable value, 100% recycled and recyclable. To materialize it you need to fit 12 pieces of cardboard without the need for glue or special tools. This makes it an ecological bookcase that is lightweight, resistant and easy to disassemble.


Or you can bet on more avant-garde designs that, in addition to contributing to order, are strong pieces of decoration. In this line, for example, we have the ecological Comb bookcase and the ecological Dune bookcase by the Estonian firm Jaanus Orgusaar. Three-dimensional figures composed of individual birch wood elements that are easily assembled together. Like all the designer’s products, they are inspired by the geometry of nature: dunes, waters and fractals. Becoming exclusive, sublime and charming sculptures. Available in 4 different colors and up to 3 sizes.


Finally we introduce you to the Labyrinthe ecological bookcase by Le Point D, the dynamic version of the classic shelves. Roads that go up, others that go down, some find an exit and others nest at the end of the route. It’s made of steel and available in up to 20 different colors. Reinvent the concept of bookcase with these original models!