5 sustainable dining chairs of different styles

If you’re thinking of refurbishing the dining room chairs at home, it’s surely an excellent opportunity to choose sustainable dining chairs. As we know how difficult it can be to get it right in this type of choice, in this article, we show you a few designs of chairs of different styles so that you know at least where to start. So please take a seat, enjoy this content and don’t forget that at Ekohunters we have over 90 sustainable dining chairs to offer you in our furniture section.

Retro style and upcycling

The Spanish firm Bel&Bel is known for its unique furniture and for using upcycled original elements of classic vehicles as raw material. Sustainable Spider Side Panel dining chairs have couches from various classic scooter models and classic car model headrests for the backrest. A perfect design for any home, office, meeting room or waiting room that seeks an exotic decoration and generates unique sensations. The design is personalized with the client’s preferences and is also available in its double-seater version


With 3D technology

The art of sculpture and 3D modeling are combined with excellence to give rise to a true masterpiece such as the sustainable Qvist Side Chair by Peter Qvist. It’s a piece of furniture made up of 17 independent laminated, oiled and waxed birch wood sub-elements that come together to create the final product. The production process of this furniture consists of a phase of 3D design, followed by the treatment of the wooden pieces using a milling machine. Finally, they’re sanded and rounded manually. It’s elegant for the living room and a delight for the eyes.


Natural fiber chairs

With a rather natural and relaxed style, the chairs from the Spanish firm Let’s Pause become optimal products for a warm decoration for both the interior and exterior of your home. For example, the Violina sustainable chair is made manually in braided esparto grass and has an internal wooden structure that gives it strength and resistance.

Just remember that if you want to place it in your home garden, do it under the porch or give it a water-based varnish treatment to protect it from the sun and rain. If you want to see more furniture for the exterior of your home, take a look at this section of outdoor furniture. You may also be interested in reading our article about sustainable chairs for natural terraces.


Timeless and minimalist

Of course, wood is one of the leading players in furniture that follow sustainability. It’s one of the most used materials in eco-friendly products and the one chosen to create the sustainable Naive dining chairs from Emko. This chair model is made of carved solid ash wood and is characterized by its simple, minimalist and delicate appearance. With carefully studied details, the length and angles of the legs are designed to offer superior ergonomics and, together with the flexible foam backrest, give you great comfort. 


With a note of color

Give color to your home with the sustainable Reves dining chair from Abana Bilbao. Another piece of furniture that uses wood for its production, in this case is beech wood with an oil treatment. It’s a design that you can use with the hood stretched or folded, depending on the room decoration and the activity carried out. For the backrest of this chair, they use a pleasant textile made in Denmark by Garbriel ®, which has an eco-label and is free of heavy metals. It’s manufactured by carpenters from La Rioja and upholstered in Bizkaia, trying to apply Slow design concepts.


More styles of sustainable dining chairs

Suppose you haven’t found the style of chair you are looking for or want to continue seeing more designs. In that case, we invite you to visit our furniture section – sustainable dining chairs, where you’ll find more than 90 different designs from materials such as bamboo, wood and cork, to the use of origami, technological and ancestral techniques, among many more variables. Remember to always keep in mind your house decoration and the table’s style that will be part of the composition, searching for harmony in the decoration in general.