FUNction Studio is an interior design studio founded and directed by Héctor Rodriguez, an Asturian passionate about interior design.

You are a young designer that is just starting, what did attract you to this discipline and why did you settle for it?

Hello everyone, the truth is that I have always been attracted to design and architecture. From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to be an architect but then life takes you wherever she wants. My years of university studies happened to be during the crisis (I started studying 2010) and I tried to get into something more technical like civil engineering.

In the second year of studying that, I clearly saw that it was not my thing and I entered the world of interior design. I always have in mind that I would like to get architecture one day, but the future and the work I will have, will tell.

How would you define your style in terms of interior design?

As for my style, I am quite versatile because I like to reflect very well what the client wants. I think that doing something personalized is what makes the difference. But for my taste, the clean spaces and straight and simple lines will always be my mark, choosing materials of Nordic approach. Natural woods and walls that seek luminosity.

Is there a prestigious designer/architect to inspire your work? What do you look for to choose pieces of decoration?

My favorite architect has always been Tadao Ando. I think that he gets it simply with the use of raw cement, straight lines and rounds is impressive. He is super clean and gives a mystical air to everything he makes that I would love to be able to achieve one day.

Nationally I also really like Campo Baeza if we talk about architecture, and Patricia Urquiola and Jaime Hayón as designers, they do different things that are highly valued internationally and from Spain it was not always easy to achieve that. I would also like to name Tomás Alonso, although it is true that I have not read anything about him in a long time.

What services does FUNction Studio offers?

Here at FUNction Studio I offer a complete line of design. I am from the western part of Asturias, and it is a land to be totally exploited.

We were always a bit forgotten, too close to Galicia and too far from Oviedo, and it is difficult to get design pieces, although as for artisans, architects and others I think that there is a high level. But, with small exceptions, everyone does the usual and I want to change that.

Even though by preference I am closer to residential design and the rehabilitation of houses and other structures, I also like the commercial and hotel design. I try to teach people the value of design with what I do, so that they see and understand why I make certain decisions and the impact they will have on their life and business.

From its beginnings you have been customer of Ekohunters, buying a diverse and varied number of products – How has been your experience with us?

FUNction-Studio- Work

The truth, being totally honest, is that it was just great joining you. As I said, I come from a small area, and if I can sell, respecting totally the environment and generating a positive impact on the area, it is even better.

You work fast, listen to the client needs and adapt to everything you can, and that is very important to me.

Do you consider it important to emphasize how to produce an object, that is, in the Eco-design of the product itself?

Of course, I consider it very important. I try to boost your products as much as I can because I believe that sustainability is not a fashion, it is a necessity. In fact, I hate to see brands/companies using this as a claim without realizing it, that it is a necessity.

I believe in proximity trade, in the end it is the best way to be efficient and I want, as far as I can, that my work has a positive impact on the area, both environmentally and economically.

FUNction Studio carries out projects for both housing and commercial premises. Do you consider sustainability in your projects when developing your works? Is it something your clients demand of you or is it you that tries to compromise with them and commit the project to this line?

Customers, at least for the moment, are not aware of these things. Sometimes, they are not even aware of the existence of this type of furniture, to speak of something in particular. So, I also have, it can be argued, an educational work. People think of something ecologic and, therefore, what comes to their minds is a lettuce.

As I said before, I always try to work locally as much as I can. Sometimes you also depend on the budget, but whenever it is possible I try to work with woods and other local materials and local carpenters and cabinetmakers. Because, in addition to the positive impact, you add respect for the way of doing things that were always in the area and maintain a common aesthetic.

Innovating can also come from what has always been there.

As a young and enterprising designer, what advice would you give to other designers who are considering setting up their own studio or interior design company?

The main thing is to know what you have around you and the needs of people. It would make no sense for me establish myself in my town of 1500 inhabitants if I did not know that there is no such thing in X kilometers around and that people are becoming more interested in these issues thanks to televisions programs and magazines.

Creating a network of contacts that you can talk to whenever you need is something very important, it is a circle of trust. Carpenters, cabinetmakers, painters… are, in the end, the ones who are going to carry out your design and you must have the confidence to convey exactly what you want.

It sounds obvious but it is necessary to dare, be positive and believe that everything will turn out well. Once you make the decision, you have to go all out, if you stay halfway you are already screwed. And spirit and a lot of work, beginnings are not easy for anyone, but with hard work and a little luck, things will start rolling.

And having fun, in fact, gives the name to the studio. Having fun and enjoying your work is something you have to always do. When things become burdens, they lose their meaning, at least for me

A greeting to everyone. Let’s have fun!