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How to have an eco friendly kitchen: 10 essential sustainable accessories

If you have a sustainable lifestyle, surely your home is sustainable too. That is why in this article we want to show you 10 accessories for your eco friendly kitchen. All of them made of organic raw material and processes that respect the environment and the health of those around them. But first of all, we would like to emphasize that in addition to making sure that the decorative elements in that home space are eco friendly, you take into account other aspects such as the choice of floors made of natural materials, the implementation of diffusers in the taps for better management of the water, the correct recycling of waste and the use of renewable energy.

It’s important to implement habits in each of the spaces in the house to contribute to a more sustainable planet. In this sense, the kitchen is one of the most definitive, just like the bathroom. We’ll not talk about accessories for the latter in this article, but you can visit our marketplace section dedicated to sustainable bathroom accessories by clicking here.

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Natural and ecofriendly breakfasts

We are true believers that breakfast is the best of all meals. There is nothing like waking up and enjoying that time with yourself or with the family accompanied by a healthy plate of fruits, some freshly baked pancakes with coffee or some cereals. And what better than to do it accompanied by a sustainable crockery? It sounds like a 100% natural breakfast!

First, you cannot miss a tray, even to move your breakfast to other parts of the house. Do you like to watch TV in the morning with a good coffee? Are you a fan of breakfast in bed? Meet New Detray, the flexible eco-designed tray by Debosc. Thanks to its design, it can be adapted to practically any surface. It’s available in maple, cherry, oak or wenge wood.


Second, we recommend a good cup that makes you happy in the morning, like Tetaza! Two original mugs from the Abana Bilbao firm that are inspired by the countryside, the cow and the goat. It subtly remembers where the milk comes from, paying tribute to the animal world. It’s made of artisan ceramics in the País Vasco by local artisans.


But if we’re talking about fun, we can’t forget about Naso. A ceramic nose bowl available in multiple models and colors. Its size allows a varied use, from being a bowl for breakfasts and desserts, to a pot for your favorite plants.


Sustainable crockery in different styles

A great material to replace plastic crockery is ceramic. It’s very resistant to high temperatures, durable, easy to clean and it doesn’t rust. At Ekohunters we have for example the Unison collection from the German firm Schneid, a simple and elegant style. Unison is made up of a cup, a jug, a soup bowl, a sugar bowl, a large plate, and a small plate. All elements are dyed with pigments and fit together in such a way that decorative compositions can be created with them. They’re available in up to 5 different colors.

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If you’re looking for a colorful design with handmade dyes, we recommend you take a look at the Miandku Bowl. A piece made of vintage white ceramic with 100% handmade brushstrokes of colors and a glossy finish. It’s available in up to 12 different color combinations, being each piece unique and unrepeatable.

eco friendly-kitchen-ekohunters-miandku

With a more exotic design and a particular elaboration process, we have the Criaterra plate. A model designed by the earth itself in a novel 3D drying scanned into a 3D CAD file. We’ll not judge you if you want to turn it into a sculpture instead of a plate. It’s a design to behold and admire, from its aesthetics to its history. 

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Sustainable details in your eco friendly kitchen

We don’t want to end the article without sharing some things more with you. For example, our natural chopping boards. This is an element that is always present in the kitchen, and many times it’s usually made of plastic. So the next time you need to buy one of these boards, we suggest that it be made of wood and without toxic treatments. This is healthy for the environment but also for your family. 

Gradiripas has 9 sustainable chopping boards made of various kinds of wood from Portugal. All of them highly resistant, in natural color and multiple figures. Con Alma Design is another firm that creates ecological cutting boards but the interesting thing is that they are made from fallen trees, that is, they use recycled wood. It’s a great way to preserve nature.

cocina-ecologica-ekohunters-con alma design

Beauty and functionality are combined in Volto to create a sustainable piece for storing salt and pepper. It’s an original design made of cork and glass that doesn’t require you to remove the cap to season, but simply twist it to allow the seasonings to flow out of the delicate holes in the glass.  

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Finally, don’t forget that you’re the chef! And your eco friendly kitchen needs you dress sustainability too. In this sense, we recommend Yours Again products. A collection of 7 unique aprons made from recycled denim, sprayed with an eco-friendly fabric protector to increase strength and cleanliness. In the Yours Again section you will find half-length and full-length models, with pockets and different colors of jeans. 

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If you want to see more, you can visit our sustainable kitchen accessories section with more than 80 eco-designed products by the best designers in the world.