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How to use Classic Blue when decorating


It had been a couple of years since this tone had begun to be seen randomly in both interior design projects and furniture design. But it has not been until now that the Pantone Color Institute has chosen it as the color of the year 2020.

A selection process based on an in-depth study and analysis of trends that, in the end, has considered Classic Blue as the tone that will dominate this year in both fashion and design, whether in interiors or graphics.

Classic Blue is what they have named the Pantone 19-4052, a very deep tone of blue that transmits calm and elegance. Its designation as the color of the year 2020 is backed by the Pantone Color Institute, whose experts analyse a wide range of sectors in depth to make this forecast, from the entertainment industry to the art scene, all areas of design, lifestyle trends, as well as new materials and technologies, among other areas.


It is a timeless and imperishable blue tone that not only stands out for its elegance, but at the same time instills calm and confidence. Comforting qualities to consolidate a stable foundation on which to start a new era, as argued by the Pantone Color Institute. «In an age when technology still outpaces the human ability to process everything, it is easy to understand why we gravitate towards colors that exude honesty and offer the promise of protection. As a reliable, non-aggressive and easily recognizable color, Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue lends itself to relaxed interaction. Associated with the return of another day, we embrace this universal favorite in a comfortable way,» says the organization.

Indoor applications of Classic Blue

The most practical and quickest way to introduce this trend in any type of space is in a punctual way, as an accent. For example, by painting the headboard wall of a bed or the wall where the main sofa of a living room is located in Classic Blue. But, in addition, this same result can be achieved through furniture or decorative objects. The accent effect will be greater, the more original and striking the design of the piece.


If you’re not convinced by the idea of using it too much, but prefer to opt for a detail that updates or adds a bit of colour to the decoration of a room, consider whether you could perhaps include the Classic Blue through lighting, either in a hanging lamp, floor lamp or table lamp.


Another option for those who do not feel lazy about changes, as it leaves many options for removing and putting on, are the textiles: carpets, blankets, curtains and cushions that you can easily replace when the good weather arrives with other lighter and summery fabrics, to return to Classic Blue for the autumn.

deep ocean blue cotton rug

As it is a dark and very deep shade, Classic Blue is the perfect ally to create an elegant or secluded space. For example, it is ideal for a bedroom, a reading corner and a work or study area. But it is also ideal for adding a touch of distinction to a living room. However, it is not suitable for spaces with little natural light as it would make them even more dull.

It can be applied in a dominant way to walls, furniture or large equipment, such as a boiserie. Doors, including frames, can also be a very original and distinguished area in which to use it. In all these cases, depending on the degree of luminosity that you want to give to the atmosphere, it will be convenient to opt for a light tone for floors and ceilings.

Shades with which Classic Blue combines

The Classic Blue fits perfectly with the latest trends in finishes: copper, brass and gold, which can be applied to decorative accessories and lighting elements. This mix is ideal for achieving a luxurious and elegant setting, with the added bonus of providing a luminous contrast to such a dark shade.

Alba L wall shelf and bedside table

In a completely opposite register, Classic Blue also harmonises with softer shades, such as those of natural fibres and materials. The mixture of this blue with furniture or accessories made of light wood, wicker, cork, wool or jute offers as a result a space with a very contemporary taste. Depending on the style of the furniture, the atmosphere can be Scandinavian or rustic chic, if you opt for handmade pieces and accessories.


In addition, since Classic Blue works as a neutral shade, one of its great assets is that it matches almost any color. Beyond the jokers, such as white or grey, it should not be overlooked that with black it makes a very interesting duo. However, its most surprising facet is shown in combination with very bright colors, such as orange, strawberry, yellow, turquoise and green.

Finally, if last year you became a fan of Pantone 2019, the Living Coral, do not be afraid. All the complements or interventions that you have carried out in this other tone will fit you, without any problem, with the Classic Blue.