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10 work tables for your home office

Do you telework or are you thinking of setting up a little home office? More and more people are doing a professional activity in their home, both full and part time. In both cases, having the right desk is essential for carrying out tasks with the right comfort and concentration.

Sometimes our home allows us to have a room for the office, but other times we have to steal space from the living room or a bedroom. Whatever your case may be, I am sure that among these proposals you will find one that suits you.

1. Original and elegant

If you are considering using the space in your living room to set up your office, given that it is one of the most social areas of the house, you should invest in a work table with an original and elegant design that adds style to the environment. Especially if its decoration is simple or somewhat neutral, a piece like this may help you give it the personality it lacks.

With a look that reminds you of a Meccano construction, Lock’s Arch work table is precisely one of those designs that will hardly go unnoticed in your living room. Of Bulgarian origin, Lock is a company that specializes in lace joining systems and puzzle-type structures, so all its furniture has a design based on these mechanisms. Its top shelf at the bottom allows you to place certain elements in height, a very useful function for an office table.


The We do Wood Field worktable, on the other hand, is the opposite: a piece with a very essential design, taken to the minimum of the essential, showing off its Scandinavian origins. It is precisely in this austerity, and in the way its brass details are worked, that its charm lies. Moreover, it is made with moso bamboo, from certified plantations. A fact that, without a doubt, makes it a very original piece as it is a material with such a high ecological value.


2. Miniofi

To work with your laptop or set up a small occasional office in any corner of your home, whether it is in the living room, a transit area or a bedroom, it is best to opt for a compact desk, particularly if you do not have much space. In this case, it is best to incorporate added features and details that make it as practical as possible.

The Lithuanian company EMKO has several options of small and compact desks. One of the most original ones is My Writing Desk, a design by Inesa Malafej conceived to avoid the chaos generated in a work table by including a perimeter storage pit, where certain objects can be placed to keep them always in sight and at hand.


With a much more minimalist style, the compact 4.9 desktop designed by Marius Valaitis has a very versatile format that can fit very different decorative styles: from Scandinavian to industrial and even contemporary rustic. It has a drawer to keep your computer or papers out of sight.


Almost more of a secret than a desk for full-time work, the EMKO Pill is the perfect solution for storage and occasional writing. The divisions of its interiors can be modified according to the needs as an office, or to accommodate the use it will be given, as it can also be used as a dressing table or bar furniture. In addition, it comes equipped with plugs and the option of integrating LED lights.

estanteria-mesa-escritorio-mueble-multifuncional-madera-diseño-la-pildora-10-work-tables3. Maxiofi

Do you have enough space? Then don’t skimp on the table, especially if you work full-time at home. The bigger the tabletop, the better you can organize the work plan and display all the tools you need. You can even reserve one area for the computer and another for drawing, consulting or handwriting.

You could do this perfectly with the location of the legs of the Flat 01 Mit model from the Belgian firm Rform, as they allow you to move from one end of the table to the other without obstacles. A birch plywood design, with a certain air of a basic and robust school table.wooden-office-desk-flat-01-ecodesignDue to the design of the metal structure that acts as legs, this other work table cannot be moved from one end to the other. However, it would allow the computer to be placed in the central area and the sides to be used as a support.

This is the Candela table by the firm I Make Objects, a personal project of Jordi Quintana, who makes all his furniture by hand using recovered or reused wood. To make the tables, he dedicates the most beautiful and antique pieces he can find.candela-kitchen-or-office-wooden-table

4. Super-efficient design

When a design is thought through in detail to provide the best experience when working, the investment pays off. This is the case of the CO2 work table from the French company Le Point D, a piece with a luxurious interior, with secret storage compartments inside and specific slots to keep computer cables at bay.co2-wooden-design-desk-ecodesignAnd if the office table can serve more than one purpose, so much the better. Also from I Make Objects is this oak wood model called the Three Feet, which can function both as a laptop desk and as a console to be placed in a doorway, a walkway or on the back of a sofa that is not placed against the wall.mesa-escritorio-oficina-tres-pies-mesa-auxiliar

5. Color it in.

Who says the workspace can’t be colorful and fun? Dare to put some colour into it, because it is not a working environment, it has to be furnished with neutral colours. Take a look at this other model of Rform, a smaller and more manageable version for a medium sized office.

It is called Switch and its legs can be chosen in a powerful red or a very bright blue that will fill your day to day with energy.switch-wooden-desk-office-table-ecodesign