Svenja and Henri Garbers, the names behind Lasfera, started off their careers with carpentry apprenticeships in Cologne and later travelled the world in search of design inspiration and new ways of thinking and working.

After stops in Florence, Milan, London, and Beijing and working with some of the biggest companies and corporations in the world, they started developing their own vision of what it was they wanted to do: Modern design with a twist of traditional crafting.

lasfera-sophie-floor-lampSophie floor – Available in three sizes, three wood finishes and seven different colors!

Handmade products have a history like no other and each piece tells a different story: the story of craftsmanship, of their origin and the hands that worked on them. The finished product has a completely different feel to that of industrial production, no two products are the same and every single piece has its own special quality that makes it truly unique.

Lasfera works to create home accessories that are based on and inspired by regional crafting techniques, but are at the same time great pieces of modern design, including state of the art technology and a strong sustainable commitment.



Sophie planted – Available in white or steel finish, is the perfect home for your plants both inside and out

As designers Svenja and Henri Garbers go a step further, they do not only design but also develop the product from beginning to end, from the first sketches to working together with the craftsmen and women in their workshop and the final distribution process.

They understand the consequences that this process has in both society and the environment and therefore, all economic, ecological and social aspects of the business are taken into account as part of their decision-making.

They believe today’s designers are not only responsible for good design or creating “cool products” but they also need to actively contribute towards sustainability and making the world a better place.


Moolin – These sustainable hanging lamps come in three different sizes

Right from the beginning of the development process of their products, the main focus is on materials. Whenever possible, they work with recyclable materials which can later return to the production cycle and get a second life.

They follow this same rule outside of their products too, with all their packaging materials and even their office equipment. And by creating their products by hand they minimize material wastage and they contribute to the preservation of regional crafting techniques and tradition.


Moolin floor – Four sizes available

Just as they do in their daily business procedures, Lasfera always looks after the highest standards of quality when it comes to choosing their partners, as well as a fundamental social and environmental compromise.

To this end, they reach their final customer exclusively through selected furniture traders online and offline, for the most part aiming for those markets that are specialized in ecodesigned products and that are able to fully transmit Lasfera’s message: Respect Tradition. Rethink Design.