Give it your own DRAAJ (twist)!

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Like human beings, every wooden object is unique and inimitable, it is alive and has a story to tell, a story reflected in growth rings, grain and knots. Draaj nurtures these stories, and lets them shine through each of their pieces. Made excluidvely with sustainable local timber, and when possible offering wood a second life. Because recycled materials often have their own rich stories to tell.

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Karim Eharruyen

Karim Eharruyen, musician a wood turner, devotes his life to creating unique works of art from wood in his atelier Houtzaagmolen De Ster - an ancient saw mill. He does not consider himself a creator, but rather a discoverer of existing shapes and structures, just passing on on what the earth offers, without imposing any specific meaning to it. He invites you to play freely with the objects, feel the shapes, arrange them as you please. Give it your own DRAAJ (twist)!

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  • WoodenTrumpet toy
  • Wooden Bird toy