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Self-watering pots: Go on vacation and don’t worry about your plants

Self-watering pots: Go on vacation and don't worry about your plants

Decorating with plants has become one of the interior design trends of 2022 thanks to greenfulness, a philosophy that invites us to relax and enjoy the feeling of tranquility and serenity that only nature can give us. However, despite the fact that it is highly beneficial to decorate interiors with plants due to their environmental qualities, it’s a fact that their care isn’t compatible with vacations and/or forgetfulness if you haven’t self-watering pots.

If you like to decorate the interiors of your home with plants and you have to be absent for a few days, you are forgetful when it comes to watering them or you simply don’t know how to take care of them properly, read on. In this article we will tell you the solution: what are self-watering pots (or hydro planters) and what kind of systems you can find in our store.

What are self-watering pots?

The self-watering pots or hydro planters are a type of pot whose system maintains the humidity of the substrate of our plant constantly, while we’re absent or don’t have time to water it properly, thanks to a water reservoir.

The self-watering pots or hydro-gardeners, besides being a self-sufficient irrigation system, have the particularity of helping to take care of the environment by saving water. Unlike normal irrigation, in which water is poured over the plant and the water not absorbed by it evaporates by the sun, with self-watering pots the plant only consumes the right amount of water it needs through the capillary process, saving up to 50%. Thanks to this process, the plants absorb (through the roots) the water that is distributed among the air microparticles that are trapped in the substrate.

Self-watering with ceramic

Terracotta material is used for this type of self-watering system. Terracotta is a porous ceramic, which allows it to provide the necessary humidity to the substrate when it comes into contact with water.

Our Gaia self-watering pot is composed of a terracotta ceramic container (where the substrate and the plant will be placed) and a water reservoir incorporated (and in contact with the terracotta container) in its lower part. This water reservoir is made of glass from the recycling of a wine bottle, so it not only helps to save water but it is also an environmentally friendly product (with an eco-efficiency level of 60%, according to our Eko quality seal).

The Gaia pot promises to provide sufficient water to the plant for several days and is ideal for small indoor or outdoor plants such as cacti and succulents.

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Automated self-watering

An automated watering system is ideal for those who are frequently absent from their homes for long periods of time and are unable to perform manual watering for their plants. 

The Citysens digital self-watering vertical garden is a modular vertical potting system with automatic watering. It doesn’t use any pipes or extra connections, once the structure is assembled, the irrigation water passes inside the pots so as not to splash the soil. The water rises from the lower reservoir to the upper pot. Once at the top, it flows down pot by pot, watering each plant along the way. The excess water is collected back into the reservoir and used for the next watering. This results in water savings of up to 50% and a watering autonomy of 30 to 60 days. 

You will be able to program the watering of your indoor or outdoor plants before leaving your home, thanks to its automatic timer that will give the commanded watering order. Unlike the Gaia pot, the citysens digital self-watering vertical garden is suitable for various species of plants, so you can transplant your various plants without any inconvenience.

Self-watering pots: Go on vacation and don't worry about your plants

Self-watering by wi-fi

For home automation lovers, the digital self-watering vertical garden comes in its wi-fi version. Home automation is an ally when thinking about the interior design of a house and the fact that we can control the appliances of the house while we are away has given us more comfort and independence. This is why the wi-fi self-watering vertical garden is perfect for those who want to control the watering of their indoor or outdoor plants, from wherever they are, through an app.

This type of self-watering system is morphologically the same as the digital model, with the difference that it includes the wi-fi irrigation programmer and its app for smartphones. Its aesthetic characteristics such as color and size can also be customized, adapting 100% to your needs and tastes.

Self-watering pots: Go on vacation and don't worry about your plants

Self-watering systems aren’t only beneficial for those who must be absent from their homes, are forgetful with the watering of their plants or simply don’t know how to take care of them properly, but they are also beneficial for the environment because of the great water savings they represent. At Ekohunters we are committed to change, that’s why we measure our products according to their eco-efficiency level so that our customers can make a conscious purchase. Find the eco-efficiency level of each product mentioned in its description and enjoy the charm and benefits of decorating your home with indoor or outdoor plants.