Sustainable sofas for your home

There is an object that is never missing in a home: the sofa. That place where we relax during the reading hours, where we enjoy the best movies and share long family gatherings. In addition, it’s usually one of the furniture that has the most presence in spaces due to its size and use. The reality is when talking about sustainable homes, the sofa cannot be left behind. And in this sense, one of the most important points to take into account is the raw material that makes it up. Therefore, in this article we’ll show you 3 of our sustainable sofas that also stand out because of their creativity.

The puzzle sustainable sofa

In first place, we want to introduce you to the sustainable Space sofa from Lock: a cheerful design, a unique sofa. It’s made of calibrated beech plywood with a natural oil solvent-free finish and polycarbonate. This natural material ensures lightness. This plays a fundamental role in the company’s sustainability policy, reducing the emissions derived from the production and delivery transport. Following this ecological line, it should be noted that Space, like all the firm’s products, is produced through CNC routing, which means zero waste.


Why do we say that it’s a puzzle model? Because with Space, the buyer becomes its co-creator thanks to the interlocking system that characterizes it. All the pieces that compose it, come separately and are easily embedded like a puzzle. So that the sofa materializes in its entirety. This closing system is an exclusive design by Konstantin Achkov, owner of the firm, which makes the Space sofa a unique design and at the same time ensures the firmness and durability of the product.

This assembly modality, which refers to the modern gaming culture, is available in all Lock objects. Get to know its whole catalog here!


3D technology at the order of design and sustainability

Referring to more individual design, we have the sustainable Peak Lounge sofa and the Hippokamp sofa from Peter Qvist firm. Two original pieces that combine 3D modeling with art, functionality and sustainability.


Simple but complex designs at the same time, they have of two parts. A seat structure with a backrest and another with a footrest, to enjoy a rest that is, above all, comfortable. These sustainable sofas are made with different pieces of natural birch wood. They are processed by a milling machine in order to generate the least amount of waste as possible from the original material. Finally, the wood is oiled and waxed for a silky smooth finish.


In addition, its edges are rounded by hand and each element is machined and sanded by hand. Two elegant pieces of art that transcend the known. Two designs that represent the perfect fusion of new technologies with the unique beauty of craftsmanship.

Upcycling in a sustainable sofa

Finally, one of our stars for its originality and concept: the Sofa 600 from the Spanish firm Belybel. A sustainable sofa, created from recycling, honours the legendary classic Seat 600 car of the 1960s. A design prone to become the protagonist of any space it inhabits. It’s made mostly of steel, composed of many original metal parts, and with leatherette upholstery in its seat.


Another characteristic of the Sofa 600 is that it has multiple customization possibilities, from its external structure and upholstery, to the possibility of adding some accessories such as a bluetooth sound system, a stereo speaker system and a small refrigerator in a compartment in the gate rear.


You can learn more about the upcycling technique and about this sustainable sofa in the other article that we have dedicated entirely to it. We also invite you to discover the entire universe of Belybel products here, many already chosen by companies like Google, Rolls Royce, the Piaggio Museum and the Virgin hotel in Chicago to decorate their spaces.