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Sustainable sunglasses: 5 ecological models

Sustainable sunglasses are undoubtedly a growing trend that represents a responsible, individual and conscious choice. With them, you can not only show off style but you’ll also make a statement about who you are, raise your vote for sustainability and invite others to take an interest in the cause. In addition, like all green purchases, buying sustainable sunglasses will be a clear message to ecodesigners that you value their commitment to a fairer and more ecological future.

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The importance of wearing sunglasses

The use of sunglasses is not only an aesthetic choice but it has a strong impact on our health. This is because solar radiation has fatal consequences for our cornea and retina when it arrives without any type of filter.

Glasses can also protect us from the consequences that other phenomena such as snow, sand and even wind can produce on our eyes. But going back to sunglasses, it’s important to be careful when purchasing them because if they are of poor quality, not only it won’t protect our health, but it’ll also contribute to the effect of the sun’s UV rays being even worse.

The latter happens since with dark lenses, the pupils are dilated, which makes us able to see better in light conditions. If our sunglasses don’t have good UV protection, this pupil’s dilation will make the sun penetrate the inside of the eyes more easily and almost without obstacles.

Classic Nogal by Woodglass

The Classic Walnut model is made of 100% recyclable or biodegradable walnut wood, from sustainably managed forests. This material, added to the maple wood inside the lenses, makes this model highly rigid, resistant and durable. As in all Woodglass’ sunglasses, the Classic Walnut has 6 Base CR39 lenses.

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Venice Beach by Flamingo

The freshness of summer in the best style of the 80s, the warm sunsets and the movement of the waves being part of everything, skaters parading along the coastal walks, the feeling of freedom. All this represents the Venice Beach sustainable sunglasses from Flamingo. A very original and stylish model, made by hand in transparent beige Italian acetate. The lenses are organic CR39, made with Nylon UV400. The distinctive orange and yellow color of its mirrors attracts attention in such a way that it ensures that they don’t go unnoticed.


Menorca by Beland

Another benefit of sustainable sunglasses made of wood is that they’re characterized by being lightweight. The Menorca model from the Beland firm is made by hand in walnut wood. Contains CE certified with CR39 polarized gray rounded lenses. They include laces also made by hand, in braided waxed cotton and suede of non-animal origin, an organic cotton cover and a recycled paper and cardboard case.

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Fresh by Woodglass

The Fresh sustainable sunglasses, made of 100% organic and biodegradable Mazzucchelli acetate from cotton fiber and wood. Available in 4 finishes, with metal bolts that provide rigidity and durability, as well as aesthetics.

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Concord by Hemp Eyewear

Finally, making use of one of the most ecological resources on the planet, hemp, we’ve Concord sustainable sunglasses from Hemp Eyewear. It’s a model produced with cutting-edge technologies, combined with traditional craft methods. It’s an Innovative sunglasses model, which has high protection UV400 lenses.

In addition, all their packaging is recycled and the firm tries to reuse as much of the remains as possible. For example, they use lens cutouts for their business cards and key chains.


If you want to see all the sustainable sunglasses that we’ve available in our marketplace, you can visit the Sunglasses section. Remember, taking care of your health is great, but taking care of yourself while taking care of the environment is admirable.