Tiefschlaf: the elegant and sustainable bed

The bed is certainly one of the most important furniture in the bedroom of any home, at a decorative level, due to its protagonism in the room, and on the other hand at a health level, due to its impact on the well-being of our body. For these two reasons, today we want to show you the Tiefschlaf sustainable bed from the German firm Stadtnomaden.


Good for your health

Taking into account the current life expectancy and the number of hours recommended for a good rest, the human being spends between 20 to 25 years of life sleeping. It represents a very high number, necessarily to take into account when choosing the lifestyle that we want to follow as well as the elements to carry out certain activities.

The Tiefschlaf sustainable bed is characterized by its low height, which contributes to a deeper rest and therefore to a better physical and mental well-being. It invites a greater connection with the ground and many health professionals claim that it helps our backs healthy, especially when it has a lower base, that is, the mattress is not directly on the floor. It consists of 6 independent wooden modules that are connected to each other through a belt creating the bed. This belt defines the distance between the modules, and its different possibilities allow any type of mattress to be placed on the structure.


In addition, this system ensures the correct ventilation and also the possibility of adding an elastic backrest, which together guarantees comfort, softness and a pleasant sensation.

Elegance and style for your home

Low beds have their origin in oriental culture with tatami and futon-based beds. Therefore, with the Tiefschlaf sustainable bed you’ll be creating a distinguished atmosphere with oriental and modern notes. This is clearly an interesting and different proposal.

In addition, another of the advantages that these types of beds have is that they allow a greater entrance of light, as it not interrupts the air space of the room, and gives the feeling of larger space.

The discreet way in which the different modules are connected to each other, with the sides of the bed are part of an innovative and intelligent design. It’s a piece made of beech wood, laminated in white on its top layer for an elegant and minimalist style.


Resistance and practicality for your movements

Another characteristic of the Tiefschlaf sustainable bed is its ease to assemble and disassemble it. As we mentioned previously, the bed exists as a result of the union of 6 profiled wooden modules that are pressed in the appropriate way. This process doesn’t require external tools, but is achieved simply with the included push buttons and strap. Thus, its relocation to other spaces becomes a simple and intuitive task.


Also, we should underline its resistance. In the laminated folding process, these 6 elements obtain their proper elasticity. This, together with the continuous adjustment of the aluminum feets, ensures not only the comfort, but also the durability.

Some recommendations to keep in mind

Although low beds have many advantages, especially sustainable ones, it’s also true that some recommendations must be taken into account. For example, as they don’t have the height of a traditional bed base, it would be optimal to choose a good quality mattress. Remember that the base and mattress together shouldn’t exceed 35 cm, otherwise it won’t be neither a high bed nor a low bed and it’ll give a feeling of disproportion with the rest of the furniture.

Since it’s a low bed, to lie on it, it’s necessary to bend down. So remember to do it properly, bending your knees and keeping your back and spine straight.

Finally, consider adding the Tiefschlaf sustainable bed backrest if you feel that it could give you greater comfort. This is a good point for those who usually do activities such as reading books or others that require proper back.


As you can see, the Tiefschlaf sustainable bed is a perfect combination of elegance, innovation and functionality that brings with it a Zen spirit ready to fill your home with warmth and style.