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The best office accessories

The office is probably the place where a person spends most of the day. That is why it’s important that, even if it’s at home, it has the best office accessories. With “best” we don’t mean the most beautiful or exclusive model, but those that make the working life simpler and healthier, that is, essential office and desk accessories to ensure comfort, practicality and satisfaction at work time.


Among the best office accessories, we must mention the different stands that exist for tablets, laptops, mobiles and screens, since if you don’t have this type of accessories, your back is forced to maintain an unhealthy posture and the neck to adopt a position that generates tension in the rest of the body.

Debeam is a stand made of birch wood where the laptop is positioned in such a way that it promotes a comfortable posture for the back and hands. This eco-friendly office accessory is made up of three very light pieces that easily fit together and make Debeam a product that can be easily transported.


From the same firm is the Detablet stand, a minimalist design due to its characteristic simplicity in forms, its pure lines and clear spaces. Its inclination can be adjusted, adapting its use to almost any surface, from the desk in your office to your lap while you are sitting on the sofa at home.


Finally, one of the most important: Debridge stand. It’s a wooden structure that raises the screen of the desktop computer 11.5 cm from the table. This reduces the tension that accumulates in the neck after a few hours of work. It is not a minor fact that it has storage space: in fact, it has three specific spaces to store the keyboard, the hard drive, the mouse, the mobile, the agenda and other usual office supplies. It’s definitely one of the best office accessories.


Organizers also one of the best office accessories

A tidy space is extremely important in the decoration, energy and comfort of a room, especially in offices where the desk has a great chance of becoming a chaos due to the number of small objects, books and devices on it. That’s why we bring you three of the best office accessories to combat the typical clutter of a desk. The Z organizer, a design produced with natural waxed beech wood and painted iron. It’s a minimalist piece where straight lines prevail and the beauty of simplicity stands out.


To organize objects such as pens, paperclips, cards, among others, we present the desktop organizer V. It’s an object made up of a single piece of pine wood with five openings where it’s possible to place cards or rulers. In this sense, you can also take a look at Ujalta, a beautiful mug made with ceramic by hand, available in more than ten colors. This type of desk organizer is extremely necessary and the simpler it’s to place and remove the tools, the better.


Take care of your devices & the environment

We don’t want to end this article of the best office accessories without mentioning the importance of storing tablets, laptops and even documents in cases designed for this purpose, since they will be the ones that will take care of your most precious work tools.

On the one hand, we invite you to discover the Ekomodo cases, made with recycled fabric from plastic bottles, 100% recycled polyester fiber and biodegradable 3D buttons. They’re minimalist, light and versatile designs.


On the other hand, take a look at the Bhangara cases that have a zipper and are made with hemp woven in Nepal. Hemp cultivation doesn’t require pesticides and, in Nepal, doesn’t require supplemental irrigation thanks to the monsoon rains. As you can see, they’re cases that take care of your belongings as much as they take care of the environment.


Many more desk accessories

As we always say, now the decision is in your hands. You can continue knowing all the best office accessories that we have in the specific section of them: click here.