The boom of sustainable watches has come to stay

The way of wearing accessories has changed and turned in a much more sustainable direction. From backpacks and jewelry to sunglasses and mobile phone cases, the consumers are increasingly choosing ecofriendly alternatives. And this trend is not unknown to sustainable watches, which are at the top positions of the most sought-after eco accessories.

Sustainable watches aren’t only famous for their environmental qualities but also for their original appearance, beauty and high resistance. This is thanks to one of the emblematic materials in its manufacture, wood, which also gives it the status of exclusivity: there aren’t two equal clocks as there aren’t two equal trees. Each piece is a story to tell and a world of sensations to discover.


MAM Originals: essentially sustainable watches

Little by little, many watch firms have been adapting their products and production processes to the new sustainability standards in the search not to be excluded from a market that is constantly growing. Many others have been born from the desire to make their contribution to the world of ecodesign, where sustainable watches are their offerings for an Earth that wishes justice. MAM Originals is one of them.

From Barcelona to the world, this Spanish firm was able to transform its outrage and its creative capacity into an environmental activism materialized in a wide catalog of sustainable products. MAM Originals is a worldwide reference firm, especially for lovers of originality, and, of course, ecological consumption.

Below we’ll tell you what makes their watches sustainable and we’ll show you some of their designs available at Ekohunters, which are characterized by the urban and the natural style that come together with simplicity that converges into beautiful, elegant and unique designs.


Certified wood

There are 2 certain things about wood: its elegance and its sustainable potential. The first, it’s enough to contemplate it in different situations and styles to verify it, the second, it’s necessary a little more than the sense of vision. That a product has been made with wood doesn’t mean that it’s sustainable, since that wood can come from forests that are managed in an unsustainable way.

For this reason, there is the FSC certification, granted by the Forest Stewardship Council, which certifies that the management of the forest from which a wood comes, complies with the correct social, economic and environmental standards in terms of sustainability. All MAM Originals sustainable watches use certified wood, to show you an example we present the Volcano 611 sandalwood watch. A design that also has sapphire crystal and a fully adjustable wooden strap. In Volcano 611 you will find empathy, style and personality.


Recycled material

Despite the boom of sustainable watches on the market, it’s still difficult to find 100% ecofriendly models, since even many of those that are made of wood tend to also have other internal or link elements made with materials that aren’t sustainable. This isn’t the case of MAM Originals models because for those details where a more metallic material is needed, they use recycled stainless steel.

When recycled, stainless steel doesn’t lose any of its properties, making it one of the most recycled materials in the world. It’s estimated that for each ton of recycled steel, a saving of 1,5 tons of iron and 500 kg of coal is achieved, reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Meet Silt 607, one of the firm’s classic pieces. A delicate, round and simple design, made of maple wood, recycled stainless steel and sapphire crystal. Its aesthetics make it a timeless and elegant model.


Recycled and vegetable tanned straps

Finally, another of the main elements of a watch is its strap, and although there are some made of wood, as in the case of Volcano 611, other times other materials are needed, depending on the style sought. As in MAM Originals they haven’t yet found any vegan leather supplier that doesn’t use plastic, but they don’t want to give up sustainability in the straps of their sustainable watches, they choose to use recycled leather on the outside and vegetable tanned on the inside of the straps.

For example, the Plano 661 ebony wood watch features a high quality 14mm vegetable tanned leather strap, which can be easily changed so that the watch can be customized. This design is characterized by being slim, timeless, versatile and highly functional. A shiny white sphere, delicate matte rose gold details, and unquestionable MAM Originals style.