Wodibow is an entrepreneurial project born a few years back from the imagination of Pablo Saracho, that combines imagination with great awareness of who we are and where we are going.

After a series of successes in the field of graphic design, he decided to give free rein to his imagination and return, why not, to being a child. To do the things that really gave him hope and also in a committed way, showing his values along the way.

What is Wodibow and what kind of audience is it aimed at? Is it a children’s toy or a decorative piece?

In an increasingly technological world where things are no longer heavy, they no longer require any effort and everything seems to be done by clicking a button, we have decided to manufacture toys that meet the following criteria:

  • They develop everyone’s imagination in a more free and natural way, less guided.
  • They are planet-friendly.
  • They have an attractive and unique design.
  • They are a little bit of a much-needed digital-break.

We make them in our own factory combinign in a very extreme way very advanced technology with very artisan and manual processes. In a way we ignore age and although we have been leaning towards things children may find interesting, we still do not treat children (of any age) as fools.


Cwic – Play with the four season and every other combination you can imagine!

In the face of this avalanche of increasingly technological toys, do you prefer a toy with an almost primitive simplicity, from another time? Where does the charm of Wodibow come from?

That is really the key, understanding that the rule «less is more» becomes stronger than ever in this almost shapeless over-saturated mass of TV and technology. We’re trying to introduce a breath of fresh air.


Woodweather– The weather is in your hands today, what will you choose?

You emphasize a marked rejection towards plastic in any of your products – but how do you implement your sustainable commitment when it comes to the rest of the raw materials used in manufacturing? Do you have environmental certifications? Do you think certifications are important?

We always use wood as a base material, it is not necessarily the only one but it is always the biggest part. Sustainability is key and certificates help us and our customers feel at ease and to be clear that things are being done right.


Straight from the savannah, made with certified wood mastodontes  Also available separately.

You have received numerous awards for your initiative and you have also been widely talked about in the media. How has this recognition affected the company’s activity? Has this increased sales?

We have won 7 international awards and two other on the national level, and that really raises our spirits, it is always an encouragement and a sign on how things are being done.

As far as the impact on sales is concerned, we really are not sure, although it might just be too soon to know, these changes are usually noticed in the long term.

Once the dream is achieved, or at least set in motion – what is Wodibow‘s challenge for the future?

We believe that Wodibow has the means to become a benchmark brand in its segment worldwide, a big challenge we will strive to accomplish.


 emoying 12, Showing emotions beyond a screen!