15 Sustainable outdoor furniture for your ecofriendly garden

The garden is an extension of the house and as such should have the same decorative style and ideological line as the interior of the home. If your home is characterized by its sustainability atmosphere, make your garden be too! You’ll create a healthy, comfortable and natural space where you and your guests can relax and enjoy the breeze, the sun and the unique peace of nature.

For this, you can keep in mind topics such as the furniture materials, the type of lighting used, the irrigation system, the origin of the plants, the products with which you’ll clean and recycling actions, among others. In this article, we show you some of our sustainable outdoor furniture that you can take into account when decorating your ecofriendly garden.

At lunchtime

Within sustainable outdoor furniture, first of all we want to show you two tables, where you can spend your lunch breaks or coffee time. The Patara table has the particularity of being able to be used as a bench as well. It’s a long structure of poplar wood that doesn’t have any type of varnish or protection to keep the material as natural and original as possible. For this reason, Let’s Pause, the Patara designer firm, recommends using it with care, or even under the porch so that it doesn’t get wet.


In any case, there is always the possibility of varnishing it yourself with whatever material you think is most convenient. But if you want to opt for a more stronger material, resigning the natural appearance, we present to you Seis, the Galula side table. A fun, colorful and modern design. It’s made of steel, so it’s characterized by being highly resistant and durable, which makes it a product that you can enjoy for a long time in an impeccable condition. If you want to know more about Galula and its interesting project, you can read the interview we did with them a while ago.


But first, the seat

When a table becomes part of the garden, some chairs are needed to accompany it. Therefore, within our sustainable outdoor furniture, we want to show you some seats for your outdoor dining room too. The Let’s Pause firm also has a wide collection of benches.

Like its Patara table, its benches are made of poplar wood without any treatment, which is why they are 100% natural products. They can be painted with any color to give it a more personalized finish. In this sense, you may be interested in getting to know the Alcor bench, which has a comfortable backrest, and the Positano, without a backrest and a little lower than the first. Cushions can be added to both of them to make them even more comfortable. And if not, you can take a look at the Matarea bench, which has a bulrush seat.


These benches will be in tune with the natural essence of your garden in the same way as if you choose the Talamanca sofa, which, in addition to having an internal wooden structure and a backrest, has an esparto covering. If you liked the idea of ​​esparto, but you are looking for a more individual design, we recommend you the Turqueta or the Violina armchair.


This natural fiber is hand-braided by Let’s Pause and joined to create the product. As it isn’t protected by any treatment, we suggest that you take care of this material from the sun, since its exposure to it yellows the tone of the esparto. For this, you can choose to place it in shady places, varnish it with a natural product, or consider adding some beautiful natural cane curtains to sift the sunlight.

Elegant and minnimalist

Another option for sustainable outdoor furniture within the seating category is the Crew chair from Dvelas. It’s a very elegant, foldable and stackable design. It’s made of birch wood, sycamore cylindrical bars and stainless steel screws. In addition, it has two rigid polyethylene sheets sheathed in sail cloth recovered from the sailing industry, thus giving them a second life, which make up the seat and the backrest.


With a lower height but exactly the same production system and the same materials, the firm offers the Tack armchair. It’s a minimalist design, ideal to accompany side tables where you can have coffee in the morning sun, play board games with friends in the afternoon or enjoy an evening wine under the stars.


The relax area

In addition to the external dining room, the garden usually has that great area where you can relax in the sun or under the shade of the trees. Therefore, another category of sustainable outdoor furniture that we would like to highlight are puffs and loungers. In this sense, and inspired by the silhouette of a sailboat sailing in the distance, Dvelas has created Genois, a puff made up of recycled sails which, thanks to the use of a tetrahedron in the stitching, provide it with a backrest, obtaining a cheslong.

They also offer the Genois Chelson design, an adaptation of the Genois puff transformed into a lounger by an extension of its lower part. The position changes completely, however the comfort is even higher.


Along the same lines, Barlovento and Sotavento are other of its loungers. They are made with the same materials as the rest of its named products, and a water varnished. The recovered sails on it, as the protagonists, allow its use in two positions: as a chair or as a lounger. Every time you purchase a Dvelas product, you’ll be owning a piece of maritime history, the one that the sail chosen for the design of each particular model has lived. Each creation is labeled with the provenance information of the original sail: its port of origin, the ship to which it belonged, the original manufacturer, what type of sail it was and its numbering.


Finally, we don’t want to forget to mention Calaluna by Let’s Pause. It’s a reclining lounger in a natural color, made with esparto and a cypress wood internal structure. It’s a design to be relaxed in the sun, reading a book and having a cool drink by the pool.


Do you want to see more designs?

If you want to continue discovering all the sustainable outdoor furniture that we have available on our marketplace, we invite you to visit its specific section by clicking here.

Also, remember that the ideal is to complement the sustainability of the furniture with other habits or ecofriendly consumption choices. In the case of the garden, we share with you some ideas: use sustainable construction materials, choose native plants, reduce energy consumption from outside and acquire renewable energy sources or use led lights, reuse water from rain or the pool to irrigate, compost, reuse dry leaves and recycle waste.