Eco-friendly office accessories you’ll want to have


Turn your workplace into a sustainable space with these eco-friendly office accessories that we’ll show you in this article. Designs that, in addition to being respectful with the environment, are innovative, exclusive and highly functional. And it doesn’t matter if you work from your home, in a company, agency or shop, you’ll want them all! Also, in this way, you’ll motivate your co-workers get into the sustainable lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Your ecological office is very close!

Carry your laptop with style

More and more people are choosing laptops over desktop computers. One of the reasons is to be able to move it easily and thus, work from different places. But just as laptops have their benefits, they also have their downsides. One of them is they force the back and neck into positions that aren’t healthy. For this reason, we want to introduce you to the eco-friendly office accessory Debeam.


Debeam is a birch wood support by Debosc. Thanks to it, the laptop is in a position that it promotes a comfortable posture for the back and hands. This eco-friendly office accessory consists of three very lightweight pieces that fit together to create the final structure. In addition, its design makes the ventilation of the device easier and prevents the laptop from slipping.

From the same firm you can find the Delaptop tray on our online shop. Perfect for those moments when you choose to move your ecological office to the armchair, floor or even the bed. Its delicate birch wood design includes slots that allow a proper ventilation of the computer. The tray has an additional space on the side to place the mouse, a notepad or the mobile.


Eco-friendly office accessories to keep things in order

As we mentioned in the article Order and Ecology, an ordered place is extremely important in the decoration, energy and comfort of a room. And your ecological office can’t be left out of this, it’s where order is most necessary. How difficult it is to work in an environment where chaos reigns… don’t you think?

For this reason, in first place we recommend you take a look at our organizer Sammler. It’s a Stadtnomaden’s container which has a contrasting hinged lid, sober colors and a minimalistic style ideal for any office.You can use it as a paper basket, umbrella stand, magazine file or even a side table. It’s available in beech and ash wood, and in two different sizes.


Another ecological office accessory to organize documents or notebooks is the Ofis portfolio folder by Ekomodo. It’s available in 4 colors and 2 different sizes, and it comes with a built-in inner flap to protect and carry paperwork, the tablet or the laptop. By buying an Ofis you’re getting a product made locally, from 100% recycled fabric from 25 plastic bottles, recycled polyester thread, recycled label and recyclable rubber.


Finally, to organize all those small objects such as pens, paper clips, cards, among others, we present to you the Kesito desk organizer. A Woodendot’s object with three independent solid pine wood pieces that together form a diamond. But that’s just one of its visual variables, this eco-friendly office accessory invites you to play. You can create all the figures you can imagine and the structures you need the most!


Support and order for the computer

With the same objective as the Debeam support, but oriented towards desktop computers we have the Debridge screen support. It’s a birch wood structure that raises the screen to 11,5 cm. In this way, the tension that usually you accumulates in the neck after a few hours of work is reduced.


In addition of being health, environment and decoration friendly, it’s very beneficial in terms of order as well. This is thanks to three specific parts of the Debridge. First, if you aren’t using the computer, you can put the keyboard under the stand. Second, there is a tray in the middle to store objects such as a hard drive, a mouse, a mobile or an agenda. Finally, in the upper part of the stand there is space for other usual office supplies beside the screen.

You can find all our eco-friendly office accessories dedicated to mobile, tablet, laptop and general organization in the section Office Accessories.