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Everything you need to know about the use of mirrors in decoration

Mirrors are a key object for any style of decoration in homes, hotels, shops and restaurants. We no longer expect to see them only in the bathroom but in the most unexpected places. We no longer ask for functionality only but also to decorate, create optical effects and transmit special sensations.

The decorative shapes of the mirror, its function and its potential make this object as essential as windows, doors or furniture such as tables. However, decorating with mirrors is not as simple as may seem. Sometimes, they’re placed in impractical spaces and it isn’t possible to get the most out of them. For this reason, in this article we share some ideas and tips on how to decorate interiors with mirrors.


Our 3 benefits of mirrors in decoration

Among all the benefits that we can mention of a mirror we will focus on three. First of all, its ability to generate a feeling of greater spaciousness, which is key especially in small interiors. For example, if it’s placed on the floor and slightly tilted, the ceiling will look higher.

Secondly, a mirror strategically placed close to a source of natural light will reflect it, bringing more light to the interior. Finally, its decorative role helps to strengthen the aesthetics and the style of decoration that you want to impose in a specific space in line with the other pieces of furniture.

A round design wall mirror

The round design mirror has been a trend for a long time, its appearance transmits modernity, dynamism and expands the space in a tubular way. In addition, this type of mirror manages to adapt to almost any style of decoration. In this sense, take a look at Dew, a collection inspired by dew drops, a poetic design with a soft aesthetic. The best? Dew is available in three different sizes, allowing you to create dazzling asymmetrical compositions by placing more than one on the wall.


It will also make sense to decorate with two or three of these designs of the same size, for example if there are two sinks in the bathroom or putting them at the head of the bed. The smallest ones can also be used to make compositions on the wall with several grouped and even combined with other elements such as paintings. The mix results in a very dynamic wall.

Remember, the mirror is the most versatile when it comes to decorating round, so feel free to decontextualize it and place it in unexpected rooms, you can even take it off the wall and simply put it on any surfaces, for example, behind the sofa in the living room or on a chest drawers of wood. The result will be original and certainly eye-catching.


Welcoming in the hall

The hall, whether in a store, a hotel or a home, is one of the places where you can get the most out of the mirror. Surely you have in mind the typical rectangular mirror that rests on the wall, where you can see yourself before leaving home. Here we come to propose other designs more oriented to their function as hangers with the unique decorative touch that the mirror gives them, which seek to generate that first good impression on everyone who enters the space.

If your entrance hall is small, one of the ideas you can take into account is that your hall furniture fulfills all the functions you need, such as a support surface, a mirror and a hanger. With a product like this, you will ensure that you make the most of every inch of your space, freeing up circulation space and floor space. Also keep in mind that one of the great tricks of professionals when designing small spaces is to leave free floor space, in this way your hall will be perceived even larger than it really is.


Suomi is a hanger design made of Finnish Nordic wood that perfectly contemplates the minimalist spirit of its style. This mirror is ideal for a small hall in which you want to include only the essential products for the function of the space. However, do not deprive yourself of using it in the decoration of your bathroom or even in your room. This mirror is really versatile, allowing it to be used in any space where you want to reflect a natural and minimalist style.

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The hall is a space conducive to stabilizing order and without the presence of many pieces of furniture, this is another reason that makes this space one of the best for placing mirrors. What is reflected in the mirror must be minimalist, harmonic and beautiful. Therefore, avoid placing them in places such as a storage room, a kitchen full of utensils or a messy bathroom.

Our mirrors

We invite you to visit the section of our marketplace that we have especially dedicated to mirrors with the added bonus that all of them are sustainable in terms of raw materials, production processes, logistics and many other aspects. Without a doubt, decorating with mirrors, beyond the bathroom, is a success, just as we’re sure it’s to do so by choosing environmentally responsible designs. Remember that our whole marketplace is full of sustainable furniture and that in its descriptions you can read about its ecological qualities. Happy green shopping!