Ekohunters garden furniture that you should enjoy this summer

Muebles de jardín Ekohunters que debes disfrutar este verano

With this 2022 summer coming to an end and the high temperatures you can’t miss out on enjoying an exterior decorated with the latest trends in garden furniture. 

Gardens (and other exteriors) have become a fundamental part of the decoration of a home. So, if you still haven’t finished your garden decor for this summer season 2022, stay reading this article, you still have August and part of September to finish your decoration project and enjoy it with our Ekohunters garden furniture.

Sun loungers: A must-have piece of garden furniture

With its low height and adjustable backrest, the sun lounger, as its name suggests, is the ideal seat for sunbathing and relaxing outdoors. It is important that they are lightweight and can be moved to seek the sun as the day progresses. They can come in different styles and designs, but in this article we will show you our Barlovento and Sotavento sun lounger.

This lounger is made of reclaimed boat sails and birch wood, which makes it completely perfect for any sustainable garden or patio. At the same time, it has the particularity of transforming into a lounger or chair depending on how the structure rests on the ground, adapting to the desire of each user as shown in the image. This sustainable garden furniture is ideal if you don’t have much space in your outdoor space to incorporate both products (set of chairs and set of sun loungers) and you want to have the benefits of both.

Muebles de jardín Ekohunters que debes disfrutar este verano

One piece of furniture, two functions

Another piece of furniture 100% suitable for a garden or patio decoration of a few square meters in which you need to incorporate tables and chairs at the same time, is the Patara bench or side table. This garden furniture has two functions, the seating function (which represents the space provided by a set of chairs) and the function of support surface, so you can use it as an extra bench for your guests or a table to spend a meal outdoors.

However, if meters are not an issue in your home garden or patio, the Patara bench or side table is a piece of furniture that your garden or patio can’t miss out on. Made from the most natural wood possible and respecting its intrinsic shapes, this handmade garden furniture is perfect for an outdoor setting where respect for the environment is the common thread in your decor style.

Ekohunters garden furniture that you should enjoy this summer

A share of shade for your home garden

If there is a piece of garden furniture that can’t be missing in your outdoor space is, without a doubt, a sunshade. It will protect you from the sun and provide shade if you need to take a break from the overwhelming heat. Our Sonsaura sunshade is excellent for a sustainable garden or patio that lacks covered spaces to provide shade outside.

The structure of the Sonsaura sunshade is composed of a wooden support and an iron base reinforced with cement on the inside, which ensures its stability. As for its upper part, it is made of esparto grass, a vegetable fiber braided and joined by hand. This fiber has no finishing processes such as varnish or waxes so, being in its most natural state possible, its color can vary according to the time of exposure to the sun, ranging from green to yellow.

Ekohunters garden furniture that you should enjoy this summer

Above all, furniture that provides comfort

Sun loungers have proven to be a key piece of garden furniture for all types of outdoors. However, there is a version of sun loungers that is much more comfortable, lighter and adapts to all kinds of decorating styles. These are the puff loungers (also known as “soft loungers”). Puff loungers are furniture that differ from classic loungers in that they are composed of a soft material filling covered by a rigid textile, but at the same time, they also differ from classic puff loungers in that they have a backrest.

Introducing our Genois Cheslon pouf lounger. Made from reclaimed boat sails (like the Barlovento and Sotavento loungers), it owes its name in French to Genoa, a large sail at the bow of a ship’s mainmast. For its part, the design of this puff applies the geometry of a tetrahedron to provide back support, resulting in an extraordinarily comfortable seat.

Ekohunters garden furniture that you should enjoy this summer

A piece of furniture for large spaces

If you have a large garden or patio, you can’t miss a beautiful porch that protects an outdoor dining space to share with family and friends. Imagine an outdoor dining room made up of a large table with natural decorative accessories and comfortable individual armchairs that invite diners to be part of the table, protected by the shade of a natural wood porch invaded by nature. This is the perfect outdoor setting for our Turqueta armchair.

This braided and handcrafted esparto grass armchair, like the Sonsaura sunshade, is perfectly suited to a natural environment, varying its color from green to yellow according to the time it spends under the sun’s rays. Combine it with its complete set and its family of furniture and you will obtain a garden decoration with a level of sustainability that is intuitive to the naked eye.

Muebles de jardín Ekohunters que debes disfrutar este verano

At Ekohunters you will find the latest trends in sustainable garden furniture and accessories so you can finish decorating your outdoor space and enjoy it before the end of this summer season. Remember that you can evaluate the level of sustainability of the set of products you select thanks to our Eko Seal, which assures you a conscious purchase according to the level of sustainability you want to incorporate in your decoration project.