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What is modular furniture and why choose it?

¿Qué son los muebles modulares y por qué elegirlos?

Modular furniture is gaining popularity in the world of interior design and decoration as an alternative solution to custom furniture that ensures the functionality and aesthetics of any type of environment, whether in your home or office.

This type of furniture, in addition to having the ability to adapt to any space, has the quality of being easily moved and relocated. If you are interested in learning more about modular furniture read on, in this article we will tell you what it is and why you should choose it when starting your decoration project in your home or office.

What is modular furniture?

Modular furniture is furniture made up of 2 or more pieces (or modules) of standardized sizes and, in most cases, individually functional. They allow the user to combine their modules with each other, creating different compositions according to their needs. 

Modular furniture is perfect for those who live a nomadic life, rent or have to move frequently because this type of furniture, unlike custom-made furniture, can be adapted to different spaces according to the user’s needs and depending on how its parts are combined. These products are also ideal for offices whose functional spaces may vary according to the tasks to be performed, since this type of furniture can be reconfigured quickly and easily. This is why, to assemble and disassemble it, it isn’t necessary to be a professional or to have any type of tool.

What is modular furniture and why choose it?

Modular furniture for small spaces

A small space is always a challenge when it comes to decorating it. Mostly, people resort to designing custom-made furniture that fulfills various functions to make the most of the environment. However, custom furniture is a time-consuming and costly solution. 

One of the best options, fast and economical, is modular furniture. These can be configured in such a way that they take advantage of the environment just like a custom-made furniture and can also fulfill different functions. This is the case of the correlation bench and organizer, which fulfills the double function of storage space and seat, and you can combine it with 2 or more modules (thanks to its connector) along an entire interior like a living room.

What is modular furniture and why choose it?

Montessori modular furniture for children

The Montessori method is characterized by providing an environment tailored to the development of children, promoting their independence in the exploration and learning process.

The modular furniture in this space is ideal for them to configure their own space according to their early needs. The Lapo kids stools set is an ideal piece of furniture for a Montessori environment, the child can put them together or use them individually depending on their need to use it as tables or chairs.

¿Qué son los muebles modulares y por qué elegirlos?

Modular outdoor furniture or accessories

Modular furniture isn’t only for indoors, but varieties can be found for all types of space, such as outdoors. This type of modular furniture can even be found in accessories such as planters, allowing you to design an original and functional outdoor space based on your needs.

The Gaia plant pot was designed to plan your own vegetable garden in small spaces in the home or office. It contains 3 terracotta ceramic pots that you can combine with each other or use individually as your garden requires.

¿Qué son los muebles modulares y por qué elegirlos?

Modular shelves

If there is a must have for small environments are, without a doubt, the shelves. These products don’t take up floor space and can fulfill storage and/or support functions. However, if you want to get out of the ordinary and include shelves in your space in an original way, modular shelves are for you.

The JfK modular wall shelf offers 2 positions to combine its modules in a functional and dynamic way. At the same time, it has pre-marked holes in its design that allow you to choose the most suitable position for the included wooden hangers, transforming this modular shelf into a bookcase, a coat rack or even a bike rack.

What is modular furniture and why choose it?

Adaptable modules

Modular furniture has changed the way we inhabit spaces, from adapting to furniture until the furniture adapts to our diverse needs.

For this reason, the Como Twist bookcase and organizer has 2 module formats to create different formats of furniture adaptable to the needs you require, in a simple and completely flexible way. You can combine this product with more modules of the brand to create larger furniture with different designs. Remember that you don’t need any type of tool to assemble modular furniture, this particular product includes wooden pins, elements and cork connectors for this task.

What is modular furniture and why choose it?

A modular furniture is a really advantageous option when starting a decoration project for your home or office. This type of furniture has come to position itself as a strong alternative to custom-made furniture because, having the virtue of being able to re-adapt to the space if the functional needs of it have changed, it manages to extend its useful life. From Ekohunters, we offer our customers a wide variety of modular furniture that, in turn, have the advantage of informing, in a detailed and complete way, about their level of eco-efficiency, promising the user a conscious purchase.