Outdoor chairs for your natural terrace


Summer is already here and the terraces begin to have their temporary protagonism like every year. They will not be safe from hosting lots of breakfasts under the sunlight and many other after-meals with friends. Therefore, your terrace deserves to be spoiled and turned into a natural sanctuary in tune with nature. And in this sense, the time of choosing outdoor chairs is one of the key moments, since it is where you and your guests will be the most. So in addition to being pretty and practical, you need them to be comfortable.

In this article we show you some of our ecological outdoor chairs so you can get inspired and choose those that best suit the style of your home. Remember that in each sustainable purchase you make, you will be encouraging a more environmentally responsible industry and a more conscious consumption system.

Outdoor chairs with ecological story

First of all we want to introduce you to the outdoor chairs from the Spanish firm Dvelas. They not only stand out because of their elegance, but also because of the ecological story that runs through them. Their seats are made of recycled polyester fabric from ship sails, a material that would otherwise become a waste. Each piece has a label that contains all the information about that piece of history. In it: source port, ship, original manufacturer, type of sail and its numbering.


If you are looking for wooden objects to decorate your terrace, we recommend the Crew chair, the Ris stool and the bar Ris tool, all of them are perfect outdoor creations thanks to the treatment of their materials. They are made with water-varnished Birch plywood and stainless steel joints. Plus, they’re very versatile designs! In winter you can take them inside your home and make them part of your indoor dining room.

If on the other hand you are looking for a more metallic design, Dvelas has the Trimmer chair, made of steel and available in 3 colors. A very comfortable, easy to combine with other styles and resistant model for inclement weather.


Natural and 100% eco-friendly stools

One of the things we like the most about stools is that they can not only be used as seats but also as side tables. This is how they become highly functional objects, perfect for decorating small spaces. The Spanish firm Let’s Pause has multiple natural stools that may interest you. In first place, the Sabo bar stool and the Saboni stool, made of wood and straw. In second place, the Vieste bar stool and the Ponza stool, in wood and enea.


We have no doubt that classics are a success: they are timeless, not visually boring and easy to combine. But if you want to go a little further and take the natural spirit for your terrace very seriously, we have an even more opportune option for you: the I Make Objects stools. “A simple formula: work closely, manually and with soul,” says Jordi Quintana, the creator behind this Spanish firm. Its ecological outdoor chairs are made from scraps of wood and recovered pieces with an artisanal and environmentally friendly way. Simplicity and aesthetics merge to create products that represent the most authentic of nature and show it transparently.


This is how the Gixon beech stool, the Natural Stones stool, the Burned Stones stool and the Painted Stones stool, made from reclaimed pine and oak wood, were born. All of them are available in different sizes, except the Gixon.

The essence of natural fiber

Natural fibers are a summer trend and one of the star materials is the esparto. In this sense, the Saona puff stool, the Violina armchair and the Turqueta armchair from Let’s Pause have all our applauses. They are natural and flexible designs with an internal Cypress wood structure to ensure resistance. They are ideal for terraces where the natural, bohemian and warm style prevails.