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Small bedrooms: 5 infallible tricks to decorate them

Small bedrooms: 5 infallible tricks to decorate them

Small bedrooms may seem difficult to decorate because of their small size, but these don’t have to be a problem when it comes to making them as beautiful and functional as the rest of the interiors of the house. The important thing, when we are faced with the decoration of a small bedroom at home, is to be strategic and conscious with its decor to optimize the interior space to 100%.

In this article you will get the 5 infallible tricks to design small bedrooms like a professional.

In small bedrooms, light colors

As we have mentioned in previous articles such as “Nordic style: What is it and how do I aply it in my home?“, light colors (and par excellence the color white) generate a bounce effect with the light that intensifies the clarity of the interior space in which they are applied. Consequently, this impact creates a perception of spaciousness in the room. So the first infallible trick for small bedrooms decor in your home is to choose a palette of light colors.

If you want to add a color that isn’t within the palette of light colors chosen for small bedrooms in your home, keep in mind to incorporate it only in details or decor elements, not on walls or large surfaces. This way, it won’t interfere with the purpose of this trick.

Dormitorios pequeños: 5 trucos infalibles para decorarlos

Floating furniture for small bedrooms

In spaces of a few square meters inside the house, such as a bedroom, it is essential to free up as much floor space as possible. This is another visual trick to give the perception that the interior space is larger than it is.

The great allies to be able to implement this trick are floating furniture. These are anchored to the walls of the chosen interior and don’t touch the floor, avoiding obstructing the visual of the room. You can incorporate this type of furniture in small bedrooms in product typologies such as bedside tables, desks, storage spaces, etc.

Small bedrooms: 5 infallible tricks to decorate them

Bed headboard or paintings for a small bedroom

If there is a duo that always goes hand in hand in the design of bedrooms is, without a doubt, the bed headboard and paintings. However, when it comes to small bedrooms, it is best to opt for a single option and not overload the wall. The paintings can be used to give colorful details in tones that are outside the palette of light colors chosen in the bedroom, however, according to feng shui, the bed headboard generates a sense of security in the sleeper.

Whichever option you choose, it is an extremely strategic point when decorating a small bedroom in your home. Choosing only one option and freeing that wall from other elements will avoid causing a visual weight on the wall, reducing visual noise and generating greater visual amplitude.

Dormitorios pequeños: 5 trucos infalibles para decorarlos

Pendant luminaires to replace table luminaires in a small bedroom

As we have been saying, the essential thing in a small bedroom design is to save surface and free it from elements to avoid visual noise and generate amplitude. Therefore, the best option for bed-side tables is to change the table lamps for pendant lamps or wall lamps. 

Hanging lamps or wall lamps will allow you to free up support surface and, in turn, doesn’t condition the purchase of a specific bed-side table, so you won’t have to think about the space that would occupy the luminaire resting on it.

Keep in mind that the hanging or wall lights should be placed at a prudent height so that the light illuminates properly if you use it for reading at night. About 50 cm between the bed-side table and the light bulb would be optimal.

Dormitorios pequeños: 5 trucos infalibles para decorarlos

Storage space in small bedrooms

One of the big questions that arise when decorating a small bedroom design is how to incorporate a storage space if you are trying to free up space.

For this, the important thing is to make conscious purchases looking for furniture that fulfill, in addition to its main function, the storage function in the bedroom. For example, you can take advantage of spaces in the room such as the bottom of the bed or the inside of a single armchair or puff. These are mostly unused spaces that can be very advantageous when it comes to incorporating storage spaces in small bedrooms without interfering with the circulation and visual space.

Small bedrooms: 5 infallible tricks to decorate them

In Ekohunters you will find all the products shown (and more) to design small bedrooms in the best way with the 5 infallible tricks that we show you to achieve it. With Ekohunters products you won’t only carry out an interior design project committed to the environment but also, you will carry out a conscious purchase in which you will be informed of the environmental impact of each product you select.