Woodglass was born in 2011 by Martín Rendo, graphic designer and photographer, and Arturo Gutiérrez, who, motivated by the idea of creating a unique and handmade product, began to design and manufacture wooden glasses in their workshop just outside of Santiago de Compostela.

From the very beginning, Woodglass has made a total commitment not only to the quality of its eco sunglasses but also to the environment, working only with sustainable production systems.



Having grown up surrounded by trees, in one of the most beautiful regions of Galicia, where wood has been and still is a large part of everyday life and the professions of its inhabitants, Martin learned to appreciate nature from a young age, and his love for surfing and the sea did nothing but deepen that respect for the environment.




After 4 years of working exclusively in wood, they saw the need to include a new line, and find a frame that would fit the tastes of the modern customer, was easy to integrate with other models already existing in stores, and could also be used as prescription glasses.

After a long research and a hunt for new materials that would achieve these objectives while maintaining the spirit of the brand, they found the solution in Acetate Mazzucchelli, a 100% organic and biodegradable material from cotton fiber and wood.


Currently, Woodglass manufactures glasses both in wood and 100% organic acetate, always committed to the development and improvement of its products as well as working on the R+D for the sustainability and environmental sector.

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