Eco friendly and sustainable backpacks and hand bags

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Showing all 27 results

Backpacks and handbags

Backpacks are one of the most practical and popular accessories. On the one hand, they allow you to carry a large number of objects in a very comfortable way. But in addition to being a useful fashion accessory, the backpack is a garment that says a lot about our taste when it comes to dressing. And a backpack can also fulfill the function of being a responsible and sustainable product, in line with our values and way of thinking.

At Ekohunters, we offer you a great selection of eco-friendly and sustainable
backpacks and handbags. All the fashion accessories that you will find are made
with eco-friendly materials, recycled, and reused in many cases.

Exploring the backpacks and handbags section at Ekohunters, you will find
everything from backpacks made with recycled boat sails to beautiful handmade
and eco-friendly backpacks produced with hemp and cotton in Nepal.
You will find products such as sustainable bags made by hand with eco-friendly
materials such as washable paper, straps, and hemp tape closures among the selection of sustainable bags. And even an original rice bag rescued from
Kathmandu's streets and recycled to become an original and unique street bag.

With Ekohunters, you can now enjoy an extensive collection of more sustainable
and environmentally friendly fashion accessories. Choose the handbags and
backpacks made of natural materials that you like the most and continue to
promote a sustainable, plastic-free lifestyle.